The Unemployed Bybyq


Well, actually I am not as desperate as it seemed in my title, and actually quite enjoyed my free time for now, but it reminded me how McXoem commented on my last month’s entries which consists mainly of film and book reviews. Yes, apparently I have enough time to watch and read and talk about these stuffs. I am quite happy doing it too. I just forgot to blog as much as I wanted.

If people asked me what do I do in my spare time, I would be a little bit confused. I remembered I had asked my auntie who is a housewife the same question. And I just realised the truth behind her words. There is always something to do. You wouldn’t have too much time to waste.

For me, my spare time means having more quality time with my mother. Honestly, I have never been too close to her, and never heard of her opinion until lately. And I think this is a good chance for us to fix the broken bridge and connect the gap between us, I spent my time having lunch with mum, going out and buy materials with her, and also talk to her. I also do lots of stuffs with my sister. I realised completely that maybe I don’t have much time with them anymore.

Now I know why people are so emotional about leaving home. LOL.

And yes, I am unemployed right now. All I do now is helping my mother in her company and my sister setting up her business. I think I do better behind the scene. And I am still writing. Not sure what I am going to do with these writing, but I hope I could make something out of it.

Talking about writing, I have got an invitation for a walk in interview for a blogger job. It was a really good opportunity. Shame I have to pass it because of the location problem. It is located in Jakarta and they prefer someone who lives there. I am not sure if I could get better opportunity than that, but I have to think forward that I might not be able to stay in Indonesia for long. Might have to find a job that I can do remotely, from anywhere so location wouldn’t be a problem then.

Now I remember something bittersweet.

I think this  is the first time I feel that my mother actually support me in a writing job. She used to think that writing job is a nonsense job, and always think that nobody can be successful from writing. Yesterday when she heard that I didn’t get the job because I had to pass the interview she felt sorry for that and started to tell me that I should try to apply to similar job but ones that I could do online.

It is of course a good change, I just hope it is not too late.

Darn. Why am I so bitter? *Slap myself hard*


Mum is a bit worried that I haven’t done enough things in a day, so she wanted me to take some courses. Not a bad idea, but I am not sure what kind of course I would want to do. I, of course, want something with certificate so I can put it in my resume or something, but I don’t think many of the courses in Solo is internationally certified. So never mind that, I would have something that I can use for my own.

After all, taking courses might help me to distract myself from another 38 days before Mr. Fix-It arrival to Indonesia. Have I told you guys that he is going to visit Indonesia to meet my parents to propose?

Yes, he is going to do it in Asian way. Ha ha!


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  1. Hi Byq, why don’t you go to kursus memasak saja? i am sure your Mr. fix-it is not only interest on you but also your tradition and your food. or in your case, karena kamu seorang putri solo, mbok ya kursus mbatik saja….
    About your hobby writing, dulu sekali waktu eke masih jadi ibu rumah tangga eke berpartisisapi dalam program blog pay per post, asik Byq, coba saja. Or, kalo kamu suka yang besar-besar, ehm maksudnya rencana besar, lanjutkan nulisnya terus setelah kamu sampe di England publish your book by yourself via amazon, and sell in amazon. Gampil itu, asal tulisannya lulus seleksi, aku saja rencana mau nerbitkan buku resep masakanku…
    Dan jangan lupa kalo nikahnya di England undang kita ya, ntar gantian tak undang deh ya kalo aku nikah…


    • Iya nih… kursus memasak bagus juga idenya. Cuman aku nggak tau di Solo d mana ya bisa kursus masak… hehe. Kursus mbatik, kayaknya nggak deh ga ada lahan dan bahan buat bikin batiknya nanti di Inggris Raya situ >__< Kalo kamu bs dateng resepsinya d Indonesia lebih seru lagi, Djo…

      Iyah, jangan lupa undang-undang kami ke Jerman yah kalo udah siap peresmiannya ^__^


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