Distance doesn’t matter, they said.

These people certainly have never been in a long distance relationship before, and if they were, they must be in a great denial. It does matter.

I am a kind of person who doesn’t believe in a long distance relationship. The only reason why couples are in this kind of relationship is because of the situation they could control. Job, study, border agency, or knowing each other from the internet, and hundreds other reasons. The thing is, if you could choose how things should go, you would never ever ever ever choose to be in a long distance relationship.

Distance doesn’t matter. My arse.

Long distance relationship is definitely an options that you choose only by force. It is something you would have done because there were no other way you could do.

Being in one is very frustrating. You could not resolve any problems when needed, and you cannot explain something on your mind without the risk of being misunderstood. You could not do anything when your partner is in trouble, or bad mood, or you cannot share your favourite place or food because they were not there. You could not show how cute your new puppies are, and how soft they felt in your hand, you could not see how they reacted when you put those little cuteness in their hands.

You could not hug them, and the only kisses you remember was the good bye kisses. Which was sad and frustrating.

And writing this while listening to Glasgow Love Theme from Love Actually isn’t really helping.


Distance does matter.

Some people it helps you to put your relationship to the test. It could show how strong the bonds between both of you. I would show how important having your partner in your life, when they were not there. It shows how important internet connection is, for human being’s existence. It definitely teaches you how to be wiser in words and more patience in action.

Therefore it does matter.

At least it matters a lot to me.

And I hate it.

It is definitely tiring. It is emotionally and physically draining. It sucks.

Just because some people made it through this test, I don’t think anybody should have done this in their life. I really believe if there’s a choice, maybe anybody who’s doing this should just let it go and get a life. Especially those who still don’t know for how long they should be doing this bullshit kind of relationships. I see no point of making out with your mobile phones.

That’s pathetic.

Okay. I am having PMS.


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