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Blogging Friends


There are a lot of things that are not so easy for me to explain to my parents. One of them is the concept of friendship I have, and the fact that I have many friends that I have never seen in the real world. I think it is weird for them that someone could trust anyone that could never reveal their real identity, and can only make friends from the internet. And I wouldn’t blame them, since they were not born and raised in this era.

We have adapted the technology of communication so fast so that we started to be an expert” in telling “how much truth” and “how genuine” someone is just from the way they write about themselves and their life. We can give a degree of trust to people we only know from their thoughts and their point of view. Friendship then becomes something that goes beyond the physical plane.

I remembered that Princess AK in her blog said that she could only shared a certain aspects of herself to her friends in the real life and more to the friends she knew more from the virtual world (See? You inspired me too). I think her experience is everybody’s experience. Some people are not too outspoken and raised their opinion especially in a delicate subjects of discussions (like me). Some people chose to avoid confrontation (ike me). Some people chose to speak out their mind anonymously and enjoy the anonymity while interacting with people with the same minds.

Then from these interactions, we started to gain friends. It is the kind of friendship which was started from a common interest. A common idea. A common thought. A common belief perhaps. It is the kind of friendship which was based from the acceptance to things that we think could never be accepted in the real world. And then, we started to think… if these people could accept my most deviant thoughts, there should not be any problem for them to accept the best part of me too.

And this is what makes it difficult to explain to others why I would love to invite my blogging friends, whom I have never seen in the real life to my reception (if there’s any). I think my readers, my blogging friends, are those who have shared the most p art of my life, compared to some friends who came and went, and probably ran away without looking back after they knew few sides of me which did not fit their expectation about me.

I remember that many of my blogging friends have given me the support when times were rough. I remember I did the same for them not only to return the favour, but because I really care about their lives. I gained so much from my friendship in this blogging world. Not only I gained networks and contacts, I have gained experiences, and knowledges. And these are things that you probably could not get from those you have known even for your whole life.

Maybe next time, if my mother asked me again why I wanted to invite people that I know online to my reception, I could just answer: “because they have become a part of my life too”:)


TNSOFT ep.20


Rhyme is just a little boy when he met Banjo. He used to help the stage setters bringing the woods and decorations just for few copper coins. He could have got a better job since he was still young and was quite good looking too, but he kept following Banjo’s group for a reason. He idolised the man who came back from the kingdom half the world away.

The first time Banjo noticed his existence was the day he got up sober after months being drunk mourning for his wife and daughter. The second time was the day he caught him practicing a soliloquy from an unknown poet from their neighbouring kingdom. And when he decided to call this young boy to sit down with him and talk, Banjo has already known that Rhyme did not have parents and was left alone in front of the opera house and worked his life to repay the kindness of the people around him before he decided to leave the opera house and follow his group.

Banjo could not forget the gleaming happiness in his face when he asked him if he wanted to be his personal assistant. Banjo thought that this boy might eventually explode confetti if he admitted that his real intention is to make him his godson.

Rhyme had never disappointed his godfather. He studied really hard, and even managed to learn a little of the language of the kingdom of summer. Slowly, he learned and took over the financing of Banjo’s music group, and supervise the stage setting. Having Rhyme to manage everything, Banjo had more time to work on his music. Small things that used to annoy him such as replacing the backdrop on the stage or the malfunction of the musical instruments are no longer bothering him, since Rhyme has done everything for him.

Rhyme was not allowed to do physical works anymore and was told to delegate since he had to study. After awhile, when his skin had become fairer as he’s got less sun exposure, and he looked a little bit cleaner since he’s no longer doing physical work, and he becomes more eloquent and charismatic since he becomes more intelligent; Banjo let him to fill the role to open a concert.

Rhyme told this to Coco, who listened whole heartedly. Of course it is not so easy to understand someone if her knowledge of his language is not better than his knowledge of her language. But somehow being able to understand his story and exchange their language at the same time has touched Coco’s heart a little.

Of course it’s before she saw the face she dreaded so much. Spike bumped into her on her way to the town centre, and he did it the way coco would know that he was being deliberate. And now she had to find a way to bring him back to the princess without making him think that he had bored her silly.

Book Review: Alice’s Adventure in The Wonderland


Title: Alice’s Adventure in The Wonderland
Author: C.S Lewis

I thought it would be a little bit too much if I gave myself a book a day challenge, but I think a book a week should be doable. This week it is the so well known Alice’s Adventure in The Wonderland, or some of us are more familiar with Alice in Wonderland.

Most of us might have heard the story, maybe watch the film, or have read the simplified version for children. I have to say that this book is crazy.

It is a good crazy and it would challenge any author to beat its craziness, and I don’t think anyone would be able to beat this easily. I am not sure that it was written for kids though, because even though the story is a bit childish, but the context is a little bit too dark for a young minds. However, I would not start to discuss the book from the psychological point of view because there would be many experts who know this matter better than I do, I will review it from a reader’s opinion.

I am always amused by the English sense of humour. Of course some people would say that C.S Lewis is an Irish, but let’s be clear that he spent many years in Oxford and he sounds really British to me. So yes, the British (if I am not allowed to use “English”) sense of humour was very thick in this book, the thing that might not be caught elegantly in the film nor in the adapted version for children, nor the translated novels.

The way he described a little girl, Alice, was so blatantly childish yet we can see that no matter what it was seen from an adult point of view. The was he described the absurdity of the Wonderland was so impressive that we could forgive the impossibility of things.

When I started to read this novel I worried that I might never be able to understand the story completely, but not only I could, this book was so entertaining. It evoked the childish sensation in me and also remind me to be daring with imagination. Nothing is wrong with living the wild imagination and tell this to the world.

Would I recommend this book to anyone? I would, for sure. I think this is a must read classic that anyone should at least try to read, especially those who dreamed of being a fantasy writer, this is a good reference to start with.

How Loud Does The Money Talk?


“Maybe I should find a rich husband,” suddenly my friend said to me. “I am afraid I would suffer otherwise.”

I don’t know how much of this was a denial, but this same friend came to me all broken hearted because she went through a bad breakup after her father’s refusal. The reason was quite simple: the suitor wasn’t come from a rich family. Or maybe, in a way, she secretly felt a bit relieve that she should break up with her ex, because he came from the lower social economic strata.

Don’t worry, I am not going to blame her, or judge her even if she did. I think it is very humane and normal anybody needs security. And, financial security is one of the most important thing if you are living in Indonesia. How come? Because our government doesn’t take care of anything. We don’t have free healthcare, we don’t have free education for kids, we don’t have benefits and nobody actually taking care of you when you’re getting old. So, if her reason is completely security I wouldn’t scrutinise her. At all.

But then I know that for most people it is not about financial security. It is about the prestige came with the lifestyle which money can bring. The branded bags, the limited edition shoes, the designer clothes, and those luxurious watches. Who wouldn’t want that? I have seen many of my friends living that kind of lifestyle; and they never wanted to come back to the simple life.

For parents, however, this could be a must have criteria. My friend’s case wasn’t the first time I have heard about a father or a mother refused to give their blessings to their children’s relationship because their suitor did not come from the same social economic class. Those who threw two separated parties because of both parents wanted to show off their money to each other. Those who asked for a glamorous wedding receptions because they don’t want to be seen as poor and low class by the guests.

Isn’t that sad?

I am so glad that my parents don’t really mind with my man’s financial situation. I mean, as far as I know (because I have not yet met his family), his family is not coming from the same social economic level with mine. Not that my family is filthy rich, but we definitely have different kind of lifestyle and different view about money. So, I am quite happy that my parents never took this as their consideration, and they did not just reject him because of his job or the money in his bank account.

However, I still believe there is an urge in them to throw a glamorous luxurious big arse wedding reception for me for the reasons I have mentioned above. They said it is just to share their happiness to people they know, because in this part of the world, you are not allowed to be happy for yourself. It is always like that, everybody wants to meddle in your business when you’re throwing a party, but then when you need them to help you with money, they stop caring about your business. But who cares?

Who cares because today they can throw a party with ten different menus on the table, and seventeen chocolate fountain and a cake which top could reach the ceilings. Who cares because today you are wearing the best suit holding your daughter’s hand which was covered with a lace gloves, and a huge shiny diamond ring on her finger. Who cares because those people are toasting with you, drinking your best wines and congratulating you as if they do really sincere.

I think this is why most people wanted to throw a big reception. They are not sharing their happiness to these people. They are treating everybody to bribe them to send them the best wishes. They just wanted to be remembered the day of their names being glorified, and those amazed faces when they saw you and the fabulous decoration, and those gossip outside the building about how much money you have spent for that special occasion. And nobody would care enough to know about what is going to happen to the bride and groom after the night is over.

It reminds me to the divorces happened to my friends. I remember how the wedding was the talk of the week, and how the pictures were flooding my facebook feed without me even knowing it. And then the downfall was pretty quick and nobody knew that these couples are now… not couples any longer. Is that sad? No, that is reality.




Few days ago when I was visiting a blog of a friend, I saw a very important line she said, and that has inspired me to write this entry. She said that it is important that anyone should upgrade their knowledge.

That is truly an amazing thought.

After reaching a certain age, some people believes that they have known everything they need to know in life. They would stop being curious and stop learning because they think that what they’ve got is enough. Like an old computer that is working for a basic daily job but could never survive for a more complicated task when it is needed. And I think everybody needs an upgrade every now and then.

Comfort is what makes people stop upgrading. If it ain’t broken don’t fix it.

Not everybody has the courage to step outside their comfort zone, and make a change. It is scary to destroy the balance and challenge the things that you’ve been used to. It is scary to learn and upgrade our knowledge because our subconscious minds know that the new thing we learn could contradict what we’ve known before.

Wasn’t it scary for those whose been years believing that the earth is flat, to know that it is actually round? Wasn’t it scary for those whose been believing that the first man was made from earth, to finally found the theory of evolution? The discovery of the new knowledge would make us think. And by thinking, it would open questions to things we used to take for granted.

Those who said that ignorance is a bliss, has never seen the power of knowledge. Those who are happy in their ignorance are a bunch of useless bastards who might never know how many people they might have offended just by saying a hello. I never encourage ignorance although many people (including my father) believes some people are better not knowing about things for their happiness sake.

Upgrading your knowledge makes you a better person. I am not the most knowledgeable person in the world, and I believe I should learn more. And I know I could be a better person, if I had better knowledge about things. I would have been a better writer if I have known better. I would have been a better blogger if I have read more. I would have been a better reviewer if I have experienced more. Those are just some small examples.

In a wider scope, i could have helped more, reached more people, inspired more minds with what I said and wrote, if only I had a better knowledge. Like some of my blogging friends who has reached the mind and soul of their many readers from the knowledge they have shared on their page for years. I wish I could do something like them. I wish I could write more than just complaining about life or my internet connection too.



Be knowledgeable. If knowing about the universe is too much to learn for now, upgrade your knowledge about yourself. If you are a woman, upgrade your knowledge about a woman. If you are an Indonesian, upgrade your knowledge about what is an Indonesian. If you think you are depressed, upgrade your knowledge about what depression really is. If you know more, you can be more.

Cheers ~

Superbyq In Bahasa?


I understand that this blog used to be written in Bahasa Indonesia. However, this blog has been written in Englsih for more than a year now and I think I am quite comfortable in maintaining it that way. Of course I can always make this blog bilingual, but I think having a blog in English would help me a lot in improving my language.

Considering that my boyfriend is a very critical British man who kept correcting my text, I believe this blog could be the perfect practising ground for me.

However, I should admit that I do really miss writing in Bahasa Indonesia. I am a little bit worried that my Bahasa skill is a little bit rusty too, especially in writing. So, I think having another blog to write in Bahasa is not such a bad idea.

Now, if you remember about my missing blog… It was called MWWYT, a long abbreviation from Mel, What Were You Thinking, which was also the blog headlines for many many years. However, the address was and it was once deleted and I couldn’t get it back for many many years… before few days ago.

Yes, I must share this happy moment with you all.

I have got my old blogspot blog address back.

Maybe a little bit too late to announce it now, because I have posted few entries there for the soft opening. But better late than never, I am announcing that as the Indonesian version of superbyq is officially published. However the entries would be a little bit different from one in this blog. I think I am going to try to write the more “important” stuffs there :p

Thank you, and happy reading 🙂


TNSOFT ep. 19


Spike could not hide his anger when he saw Coco left the building with that man. Of course not because of jealousy, don’t be silly. He couldn’t understand how he could trust this maid if she could leave the princess alone with some old man who he knew by then has lost his wife and daughter. How could she leave the princess for a man in silly clothes like that?

Now what should he tell his parents about this? More over, what should he tell the king and the queen of the kingdom of summer in his report to them?

Knowing there is nothing he could do about the princess, he decided to follow Coco to give her a lesson. The man in the silly clothes brought her around and tried to explain to her with a very limited vocabulary. Spike walked and deliberately bumped into them and quickly said sorry after making sure Coco saw his face.

And oh the look on her face was definitely priceless. It was a mix of horror and despair, and he knew that her first thought was how she was going to save herself from being hanged once she came back to the kingdom. Of course he would not be so cruel to her and let her die just because of this, but knowing how scared she was amused him quite a lot.

From afar he saw how she tried to convince the man to come back to the princess. And that poor man must have thought that he bore her that much that she wanted to leave so quickly. And later she had to explain to the princess why they came back so quickly.

However, he could not celebrate this too much. The thought of the encounter between the princess and that old musician bothered him a lot. He remembered the last time he asked Coco about the man named Banjo.

“Who is Banjo?” he asked.

Coco looked at him without blinking. Banjo was the most unthinkable topic among them. Even when she was in the palace, nobody dared to ask about him to her nor to Princess Cinnamon. No wonder Spike was do hesitant to ask this question.

“Why do you ask that?”

“I’ve been told that the reason why princess Cinnamon left the kingdom is because of this man. I want to know who he is really,” said Spike turning his back to hide his blushing face.

“He was a street musician at our marketplace,” Coco began hesitantly.

“A street musician?”

“He was. One day the princess listened to his music and gave him gold coins and started to talk to him. From him she learned the language of this land and also started to know things about the four kingdoms — and their four seasons.

“It wasn’t him she was chasing. It was the freedom this land represented, and she loved him not in the way you might think. He was the one who gave her the key to the other side of the world. He gave her the sight of the new universe. He was the prophet who leads her to the Promised Land,” said Coco in a sad tone.

“How do you know this? Did she tell you?”

“Of course she would never tell me this but, mister guard; I have lived with her for almost all my life. I talked to her, listened to her, observed her and took care of her more than her own siblings and parents. I knew when she lied or planned a mischief. I knew what she felt and how he would react to it,” Coco explained, her mind wandered to the past when they were still in the palace.

“And why do you think she doesn’t want to marry the prince?”

“The arranged marriage?” Coco was surprised that mister guard knew about that.

“You knew that she was being arranged to marry, did you not?”

“I know. I was surprised that you do,” said Coco suspiciously.

“The king told me,” he said quickly.

“Oh…” Coco replied in disbelief.

“Did she said anything, maybe she hates the prince or that she thinks he was a jerk when they met…?”

“How do you know they met before?” asked Coco more suspiciously.

“As a guard I was given enough information, and I would like more so I can be more cautious,” he said impatiently.

“No, she said the prince was perfect. She was just scared that something that was too good to be true usually is,” said Coco while trying to remember the day. Oh what a fateful day.

Book Review: The Phantom Of The Opera


Title: The Phantom Of The Opera
Author: Gaston Leroux

Yes, it is true that I have seen the musical and that I was so crazy about it, and since I have known the premise of the story I don’t need to read this book anymore. However, I might be different from other people and I still think that no plays nor films (not even a serial) could adapt the wholeness of a story in a book. Based on that belief and that belief alone, I started my journey to the mystic of the Opera house.

I do really have problem with the premise of the story itself. I don’t want to spoil anything here but I think this story is too close to reality, the sad and very dark twisted ending, it almost made me cry again when I read it. So, I might have a little bit of moral problem with the premise of the story but I should leave it behind so that it would not compromise my review about the whole book.

It is written in a very good first person narration. M. Leroux gave the details little by little so that you would never want to rest and stop reading even if it’s already the end of a chapter. It was so easy to imagine what happened there as the way M. Leroux described everything in the story was so beautifully real.

I am not too sure about how he detailed the characters other than the Phantom himself, but nevertheless the reader can almost feel sorry for each of them.

However, although this novel is translated from a French scripture, I could take the hint of humour there. I am not sure if it was the kind of humour the French usually used of it was the British humour that was inserted while the translator did the job. Either or, I really enjoyed the humour. It gave the contrast which emphasised the darkness of the story.

This novel however is rather thick, and in some parts it was a little bit slow and dragging. Also, I feel that there are too many characters which confuse me most of the time because sometimes they were just there and went missing for the rest of the story. And, because of the massive numbers of characters, and how the author seemed to want to give some role to each of them in the story, you started to take sides to these people and pick favourites. I am not going to tell you which one is my favourite character, but I am not to hard to guess 🙂

Would I recommend this book to my friends? Now that is a very tricky question. I don’t think this book is a kind of book that everybody could enjoy. I don’t really think that this book is a easy-reading kind of book, and the thickness is definitely not so beginner-friendly. I would definitely recommend this book to friends who enjoyed classics, historical romance, and drama. I would also recommend this book to those who has seen the musical and film but wanted to know more (there definitely more in papers than in the screen).

If you do want to read The Phantom of The Opera, you can download it for free from iBooks if you have any Apple product. I suppose you can do the same with Amazon Kindle, but I am not sure of that.

Happy reading

Who Moved My Router


I know I should be grateful that I could update my blog from anywhere in the world because of my phone. I am not trying to brag by telling you that my phone is so awesome I could blog from it. I used to use wordpress apps for blackberry when I was using it and have tried wordpress apps for android too, since years ago and I still believe that it is one of the best thing technology could have given to someone like me.

If it was not because of the apps, I might not be able to reply the comments I’ve got from my readers. And that would be very annoying because I am just trying to be more active and communicative. However, the good deed was not always supported by the internet connection. And that is quite annoying.

I might have said for many times already on my updates, that one of the reasons why I wasn’t able to post more often was because of the slow internet connection at home. I do have wordpress apps but posting with it really hurt my thumbs. I need a real thing to type a long and meaningful entries (and to post stories and reviews too). However, for the last few weeks it seemed that my internet got better.

It has something to do with what my father did few weeks ago when some of the construction workers were doing something up there. I guess he moved the router somewhere and it made the connection better from my room on the ground floor. Which is great.

But of course, I should have never hoped too high. I have told that nobody should moved that bloody router because I was worried it would disrupt the connection. And suddenly few days ago the signal was started to act up again. It started to go on and off and it started to behave the way it did before my father moved the router.

Somebody must have moved that stupid router.

Somebody must have because if nobody did, the problem must be from the internet service provider. And if the problem is from those bastards… then there is nothing I could do. So I hope someone have moved the router. But who has moved my router?


The Motherhood Business


I went out for dinner with my friends from high school years this evening. Except for Na, they were not the people I hung out with when I was younger. I used to hang out more with boys while this time it was the girl domination. Sometimes I thought there must be something in my brain that separated me from these girls when I was in high school, and that something in my brain is still separating me from them.

Actually the conversation went alright for awhile. Until one of our friends came with her husband and her baby boy. Since then, the conversation went from human life, to motherhood life.

I think I don’t need to remind anybody that I had a very strong opinion about motherhood. Not about mother in general but about me being a mother. I don’t think I was born with the motherhood software pre-installed in me. I don’t like children that is for sure and I have never seen any benefits of being pregnant and giving birth and being a mother. I even encouraged termination if the mother choose not to have the baby. But I am not going to discuss about those kind of things again, because I have something more important to say.

When I told my friend that I don’t want to have a child, she was startled in disbelief and looked at me as if I was saying something so unthinkable. However, the reason why she thought that I was wrong for not wanting a child was utterly confusing for me. She said I should never said something like that because there are so many people in this world who wants children but cannot have them. It might be silly for me, but I think she was serious when she said that.

Actually, it is not the first time I have heard someone said something like that. I have heard my mother, my grandmother, my aunties, and many other women said something like that. But I never thought about that seriously until now. Maybe because it has become too much an unsettling business for me now. However, no matter how I tried to think about this reason, I could never see the logic.

I could not see the connection between I don’t want a baby, and others want babies. I could not see how my attitude towards child bearing could affect someone else who are in the baby making program. I could not see why other women’s desire to have baby should be my desire too. This is absurd.

And no wonder many men said that women’s logic is not logical.

I think motherhood is a choice.

I would never tell them that it is wrong for wanting a baby because the universe has already overpopulated. Even though, my reason is so much more logical than theirs. Of course I don’t want to end up banished from the society by saying so. But I guess if you want to tell other people that they are wrong, should you try to at least give them a very good reason to back up your opinion?

I am okay if she told me to never say never because opinion changes and some people did change their mind. It is a precaution and even though I have heard that for so many times and getting a little bit sick about it too, that is still quite reasonable thing to say. I would consider that kind of precaution as a nice attempt to show that they care enough for not wanting me to feel sorry later.

Trying to make me feel sorry for not wanting a child while others want children is similar to condemning someone who choose not to buy an xbox while thousands of other boys might kill to have one. See? Having money doesn’t mean that you have to buy an xbox. You can choose not to have one.

Ah, I know that some theist would say that kids are gifts from god. I am not going to argue about that now because the discussion would make this entry too long. However if I won an xbox, I might just cash it and buy something else that I want. If I “won” a baby (considering it is a gift), could I cash it or trade it with a puppy instead? NO.

So, NO. Having kids is a choice like buying a phone. So don’t tell me I am wrong just because I am not buying the phone everybody wants.