Hey June


I don’t know why but suddenly I have the “Hey Jude” tune ringing in my head but instead of singing Hey Jude, it sounds like Hey June…

Oh well, does it really matter? I don’t usually make a greeting for the beginning of a month, unless it’s January, because it’s New Year, and October because it’s my birthmonth. What’s so special about this month in particular? Oh well, Mr. Fix-It is coming to Indonesia in the end of this month. Finally the waiting is over, and the sucky long distance call and all those whatsapp messaging is finally paid off.

So, NA…~ nana.. nananana…~ nananana~… Hey June….


It is a little bit weird if I post something so short and so useless so, rather than leaving it like that I might want to add some update. First of all, I have just got an eye surgery. Not the cool lasik kind of surgery, I am still left with this shortsightedness. The surgery was for stye removal, because it was hidden under my eyelid. It’s kind of gory and bloody and I’d rather not put more icky details.

My question about heterophobia is published on Inyo’s blog. If you’re into LGBTQ, and support the cause, you might as well go to her blog, so you would be able to see how smart people are there. I think I could thank her, Nepen, and also Abmi enough for letting my puny little question became a deep and important question to be asked (and answered). Thank you.

I am accepted in Mensa Indonesia. That is quite an achievement for myself and feel glad that the test result is worth the two weeks agony of waiting. I don’t know yet how to make use of my membership in this society but soon when I have got a better internet connection. For now, just let me enjoy myself and celebrate this 😀

Want to update about eyang subur who divorced four of his eight wives but it has nothing to do with me no matter how annoying that fact was for me. I wonder where the brain was, but asking that now makes me sound so conceited so I would hold off that question for a little while until the mensa thingy is over.

Anyway, welcoming June.

Have a nice day everybody.


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