More Cheese With That Whine?


Whine whine whine whine…

No, I don’t have any problem with an occasional ranting or a little bit of vent out after a long day with an annoying customer. But I do have problem with people who whine on daily basis. That is sad.

I remember one of my blogging friends’ post. She brought up the story about a friend who kept whining about her love life, and in the end she would victimise herself, and made herself sound as if she had to go through all this problem. Oh, well, I have one like that myself, and I think this is the first time I felt a little bit fed up with her whining about her love life.

I kept telling her that if she is not happy with the relationship, do something. Either do some changes and discuss it with her partner to make situation better, or leave if there is nothing she could have done anymore. I think those two are the most sensible options she had. However, I just realised by then, that for some people “action” is a concept of something they could only imagine. The only thing they can do is whining (and sometimes blaming others for their problems).

I have heard these people blaming on their partner, or on their government. I have heard these people blaming on their parents, or on their job, or on their education, or their financial situation. Not surprisingly, I have heard them blaming on Karma. Something like, “maybe this is how I paid for my bad behaviour on my past life”. Well, the realisation that you have done bad things in the past is good, and the willingness to pay for that is very much respected, but blaming on that for your nasty situation right now is not helping at all.

Not only about their partners, I have heard people whining about their jobs. The impossible boss, the silly working hours, the annoying co-worker, the messy system, the low salary and not enough day offs. Don’t get me wrong. If you are really unhappy about your situation, then do something about it. If you know you can’t, just grow a pair and suck it up. Whining does not help, and definitely will make you look like an annoying bastard from the planet Loser.

Oh my life is not perfect. I have lots of things to whine about if I want to. I might start from the slow internet connection, the broken laptop, the long distance relationship and friends who whine and share it to me because nobody else would listen. I can continue with the family who could never keep their hands off my business, the waiting for the visa, the failed diet program and the fact that I am unemployed. I can go on and on and on whining about the television show, or the mosquitoes, or the traffic.

Did I do that? No.

If I am angry and I need to vent out, I will start writing something instead of finding someone to listen to me bitching. I might post it on my blog, but people would have the choice to read it or not. Why do I have to bombard someone with my rants and whines and give them a bad day because of mine? What a inconsiderate bastard I am for doing that.

Anyway, this is a rant. I will still have to deal with these people once in a while, and gave them hell for whining in front of me. I know I am not a good listener, but I might be the only one who would listen to them anyway.

Not a good thing to write to start a day. Oh well… Good morning everybody.


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  1. Ok this time ur blog really slap me right on my face too as lately i have been whining whining and whining about my job however, thank God that i have decided to resign and this time no matter what my boss goin to say , i will still resign. Not only because i cant stand her anymore plus i need to hav some rest due to my illness. Anyway thanks for this reminder hahaha i dint want to be that “inconsiderate bastard” ????


    • Oops… I really did not mean that, but I am glad that this entry is received in a good way. Sorry >__<). And don't worry because for me you were never that inconsiderate bastard ^__^

      Good luck with everything, Stef 🙂


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