TNSOFT ep. 17


“Princess!” shouted Coco, trying to beat the noise of the crowd.

Princess Cinnamon did not hear anything. She kept swimming through the sea of people, pulling and pushing through to get both of them as close as possible to the stage. She could feel however the hand of her companion resisting when he dragged her closer and closer to the centre of the swarming audiences.

“Princess, please tell me why are we doing this?” Coco almost cried when a man twice get size bumped to her and almost made her fall.

“We, my dear Coco, are doing what every other people in this city are doing. Watching the show. Getting as close as possible to the stage,” said the princess without even looking back. She however wouldn’t let her loyal maid’s hand go.

“Princess it is impo…”

“There!” Princess Cinnamon shouted happily with a smug in her face when finally her last push produce enough room for her and Coco just next to the barrier separating the audiences and the beautiful stage.

“Wow…” said Princess Cinnamon when she saw the huge decorated venue in front of her.

“Wow indeed,” murmured Coco grumpily and brushing off her clothes. She added, “now I have understood why you insisted to come to this place. You do belong to this barbaric kingdom. Indeed.”

Coco was lucky that she finished her rant just before the man in a leather outfit got up to the stage and the crowd gradually went quiet. As if the magic force hypnotised them, all the attentions were focused on his soft calming voice. Even Coco stopped grumping and started to listen the welcoming speech she did not even understand.

“Who is he?” asked Coco.

She never received the wanted answer though, because the man in the leather outfit started to walk out and the roaring thunderous noise drowned all the answer if there was even any. An older man, carrying the similar Banjo the princess always carried around replaced the place of the man in the leather clothes and waved. As if conducted to be silent, everybody started to lower their voice.

“Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you and welcome…” he suddenly cut his sentence, and Coco realised that he was staring at the Princess who smiled back at him, and beg with her all her telepathic power for him to continue before everyone there realised what happened.

Banjo cleared his throat and start over.

“Thank you and welcome to today’s performance. This afternoon is indeed very special for me. Earlier today I had a moment. I thought of my past and what has brought me here. Of course some of you have heard of the story about me being a street musician on the other side of this world and was helped by a beautiful princess for the east…”

The crowd murmured, and Coco could hear how popular the story was among these people. That reminded her how popular the princess would be if that man introduced her in the stage. Which is good, she thought, as that would mean people will start treating them better.

“That is a true story. But you only hear half of the story. This very princess who helped me out in my darker days has promised me a visit… And that day is coming soon. If she is in this kingdom, I would ask her to fulfil her promise to me,” he smiled without looking to the princess again. He knew she would received the clue.

“As an invitation to Princess, I would sing a song from the east. The lullaby from the kingdom of summer,” he placed his banjo in front of him and started a song Coco recognised.

“Princess! He is singing our…”

Princess Cinnamon didn’t react. Actually she did not hear any of Coco’s rambling anymore. She was overjoyed with this moment, with the fulfilled promises and the meeting of an old fellow. She was mesmerised with the lullaby he sang, because she knew he sang it to her as a welcome greetings.

The afternoon passed quickly. Today was really a special day.


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