The 500th Entry


I cannot believe I have made it this far.

I mean, it always amazes me how I have been through the difficult times with this blog and have been writing here for more than three years. However, the realisation that I have wrote this much is a little bit out of my ability to comprehend. I can’t believe I have so much to tell to the world. Maybe I am not that introverted :p

Am I being too over the top with today’s entry? I don’t know. Well, I am not sure how other bloggers would celebrate their 500th post, and I am not trying to compare myself to another bloggers. Maybe for some other bloggers, the 500th entry is not even worth a celebration. However, today is a big day for me, and I would like to share it with my readers (if there’s any).

With the new form of social media, blogging is no longer the most efficient way to share your thoughts. For some people it is easier to be anonymous and use 140 characters to share their thoughts to the world. Yes it is faster, it reached more people, but it lacked what I had from blogging. Intimacy with the readers. Word plays. The passion to convey an idea in a more elaborated form.

Writing has always been my passion.

Writing has helped me through growing up process, and has aided my way to find who I really am. It kept my sanity during the hardest time, and it was my way to share the good time to those who might care. From words I met new great people, and from this blog I met new friends. How could I forget the day I actually met the people I used to know only from their thoughts.

I am so grateful I have come this far. I am so happy knowing that after all this time, my blog has been read and probably has helped one or two persons. So I want to thank you for my blogging friends, who have been there all this time and keep inspiring me. Thank you.

Keep writing. Happy blogging.


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