The Green Bin


Last night I went into a night routine. Wash my face, do the girly thingies with the creams and the lotions, and then brush my teeth and gargle with the mouthwash. The bottle was empty by then, so I clean the bottle, remove the cap and when I went out the bathroom I realised…

We don’t have the green bin.

The green bin is the bin we used to use when I was in the UK, to throw away the recyclable stuffs. We put there the cereal boxes, the paper bags, the card boards, the plastic bottles (remove the caps!), the food storage, old newspapers, etc. First weeks there was a bit confusing because I wasn’t sure what to go where, but then it became a very interesting habit. It is nice doing that.

I have to admit, I am not a tree hugger. I love paper, tissue and cotton. I need them everyday, day and night. I am still using plastic bags when I was shopping, although I have tried to reduce it by bringing my own shopping bag (but then I have to confess that bringing a cute shopping bag is rather cool than hurting your hand carrying plastic bags). I love having shower and bath, and since this is Indonesia and it is hot almost all the time, it is nice to have something to cool you down. And that’s also why I turn on the air conditioning.

Well, if we do have a good public transportation system, I might use them because I am used to NOT driving. It is a bit annoying to have to keep my eyes on things when I can actually text or read on my way to other places. And I can do that while on the bus. So yes, I am pro buses, however I can’t do that in Indonesia. I hate buses here.

So, you see, I am not really a green peace activist. But I do miss the green bin.

Care to know why? Well, sucks if you don’t, but you can always click away from this page if you don’t want to read, but… I will tell you why.

The green bin is a routine for me already. It is a discipline routine, the thing that keeps you in the right pace and path, if that makes sense. It is a challenge too, to keep things in order, and to make sure you do things the right way. It is big enough to keep you aware with things, but small enough so it wouldn’t be a burden for you.

I also think of the green bin as the representation of the changes I have done in the UK. And the fact that the green bin is in the UK, so does Mr. Fix-It and I miss him, I guess my brain started to make a weird connection about everything there. Oh well… I should stop before I sound pathetic.

But hey, don’t you think the green bin is actually a good idea? I mean, the government can actually reduce the cost if the household has separated the recyclable stuff, instead of paying someone to do that at the recycling centre. Oh wait, has someone actually turned this into a business already?




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