Film Review: Man Of Steel


Title: Man Of Steel (2D)
Language: English
Casts: Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Lawrence Fishburne, Russell Crowe

For someone who really doesn’t like superhero films, I think I have seen too much lately. However, I will try to be very very professional and not to let my personal dislike to the genre of the film affects my opinion to the whole review. And just in case anyone would ask me why would I watch a film out of my favourite genre? Well, simply because I have time and money to waste. So shush!

Fist of all, I think Henry Cavill is hotter with beard on. I am not sure if I like his role as a superman, and looking at him in those tight suit, but if I have to choose another actor to replace him, I couldn’t think of anyone better. After all, seeing him walking around showing of that muscles is definitely has treat my eye enough to forgive the silliness which would go on and on for the next hour. However, I couldn’t say the same about Amy Adams. The director could just change her with Kristen Dunst and nobody would notice the difference. There are better Lois Lanes, but she is not too bad. (And talking about hottie in the film, I think that antagonist chick played by Antje Trauer is so much hotter — especially with those big guns and lots of kicking arses)

I love the fact that the story writers tried to characterise a superman as a more humane superhero. Once I have heard from my friend that superman is the most inhumane superhero among all (except Thor maybe *shrug* but I think I could easily exclude him since his name does not end up with -man) But compared to Iron Man, Batman, and Spiderman, he is the only alien. So I guess trying to show that whatever this alien did was based on his humane side, was definitely works for me.

However, I must kill anyone who came up with the idea that the more destruction the better an action film is. When the first time I saw my friend’s status, complaining about  the amount of city destroying action in this film, I thought he was exaggerating. When I saw that, I agreed completely with him that it was too much. I was definitely too over the top and I think they could spend the money they wasted on the destroyed properties to get a better research so they can write a better story line than that.

I am quite happy that they did not force the romance inside the story line though. Trust me it would be too cheesy if they try to insert the Clark-Lois romance in this film. I think the failure of romance in Spiderman has taught them a good lesson that the only way to make girls want to watch action film is only by promise them a really bulky handsome and sometimes arrogant bastard as the main character — not by making them soppy and trapped in a triangle romance.

Would I recommend this film to my friends? I just recommended my friends… to just illegally download it because I don’t think it would worth both time and money. I would recommend this to my friends who really really really don’t care about the story, and just want to see man in a tight suit, or need to tell their friends that they are following the trends and have watched the most happening film in Indonesia. But unless you really have those needs, I think you should save yourself from boredom and watch other better films, or just read good books.

Be wise.


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