A New Laptop


Finally i bought a new laptop.

Honestly i do not know if i would be able to get rid of the old one although my new laptop is so much cooler. I do not know if i can ever say good bye to the old one although it constantly makes suicidal attempts whenever i am not looking. I do not know if i can ever let go a device which have accompanied me for a very long time and has witnessed my up and down of my academic life.

It was with me the first time i moved from karawaci back to Jakarta. It went with me home. It followed me travelling to Kotamobagu, and went through a heart breaking collapse. It revived and survived and went with me to Norwich. It was the device which connected me with mr Fix-it and that helped me finished my dissertation. It followed me home and now i have to replace it.

How unfair.

No wonder people would think that i am an melancholic kind of person since i seem to be a little bit too attached to my device. I have to be honest, i am not really. I keep mementos but after awhile moving from places to places, i have left the habits of nesting. Things unused are better go to the bin or charity or simply give it away to people who wants it.

I think my laptop should be the same.

Instead of being unused, it would be so much better for everybody if it is given for someone who could make the best out of it. I mean, it is a junk with me, but it could be a treasure for someone else. And i think, like an ex, it could meet its soulmate which would keep it until the day it dies.

All i need is to let go.

After removing all important documents out of it.

Because there are lots of secrets, and porns.

It is going to be a long good bye… Since i am a little bit too emotional tonight.



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  1. Hahahaha same here, it just i havent buy the new one but the feelin u felt just now is exactly the same like mine. My macbook have been with me for almost 7 years ????


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