TNSOFT ep. 18


“Mister Banjo, there are two girls wants to see you. They look foreign…” said Rhyme who was still on his leather outfit.

“Let them in, and buy the best food from the restaurant and also the best wine you can find in town. This lady is my special guest from the faraway kingdom…” Banjo has never felt so ecstatic like that for years.

“Are they the prin…”

“I will introduce you to them later, Rhyme,” cut the older man. “Now please help me to save my face and give these ladies the best western hospitality!”

Rhyme nodded eagerly and walked out with excited look in his face. He could not take his eyes off the two young girls, and tried so hard not to say anything to anyone as Banjo has requested. He knew following this eccentric musician would give him so much experience. But meeting a princess from an exotic land in person was overwhelming.

“You remember,” said Princess Cinnamon when he entered Banjo’s chamber.

“Honestly, I did not think you could make it this far,” he replied with her language, so that Coco would understand what they were talking about. Of course such remark would instantly upset her but for now she could only be glad that at least for once she could a full sentence without asking Princess Cinnamon to translate it for her.

“Princess is very determined,” Coco defended her mistress.

“Of course she is, and you must be Coco,” smiled Banjo.

“I am indeed. How do you…?”

“Oh your princess told me a lot about you on our meetings in the marketplace. Now I know why your highness said you were her best friend,” said Banjo approvingly.

Coco was startled with this statement. Of course this barbaric outcast must have been mistaken the word. That a “friend” in her language might mean something else in his.

“Come on, Banjo. Don’t be so cruel and make fun of a young and inexperienced woman like she is. You don’t want to hurt your own reputation, do you?” princess found herself a seat and told Coco to sit somewhere near.

“I have just thinking about you today, Cinnamon,” said Banjo and Coco was ready to flee from her seat to give him a good slap to remind him his position. But the princess held her hand and told her to remain sitting.

A knock on the door, followed by Rhyme and several waiters carrying food and wine inside interrupted them. Banjo asked Rhyme to stay inside and introduced him as his foster son. Rhyme greeted them in their language with a weird accent, which for Coco sounds really cute.

“Now, why don’t you help Rhyme to better his language and ask him to show you around? I thought you are almost die of boredom following me,” said Princess Cinnamon to Coco who did not take a second thought to leave the room with that guy in the leather clothes.

“So, how was everything?” Banjo smiled when the door was closed.


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