Who Moved My Router


I know I should be grateful that I could update my blog from anywhere in the world because of my phone. I am not trying to brag by telling you that my phone is so awesome I could blog from it. I used to use wordpress apps for blackberry when I was using it and have tried wordpress apps for android too, since years ago and I still believe that it is one of the best thing technology could have given to someone like me.

If it was not because of the apps, I might not be able to reply the comments I’ve got from my readers. And that would be very annoying because I am just trying to be more active and communicative. However, the good deed was not always supported by the internet connection. And that is quite annoying.

I might have said for many times already on my updates, that one of the reasons why I wasn’t able to post more often was because of the slow internet connection at home. I do have wordpress apps but posting with it really hurt my thumbs. I need a real thing to type a long and meaningful entries (and to post stories and reviews too). However, for the last few weeks it seemed that my internet got better.

It has something to do with what my father did few weeks ago when some of the construction workers were doing something up there. I guess he moved the router somewhere and it made the connection better from my room on the ground floor. Which is great.

But of course, I should have never hoped too high. I have told that nobody should moved that bloody router because I was worried it would disrupt the connection. And suddenly few days ago the signal was started to act up again. It started to go on and off and it started to behave the way it did before my father moved the router.

Somebody must have moved that stupid router.

Somebody must have because if nobody did, the problem must be from the internet service provider. And if the problem is from those bastards… then there is nothing I could do. So I hope someone have moved the router. But who has moved my router?



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