Book Review: The Phantom Of The Opera


Title: The Phantom Of The Opera
Author: Gaston Leroux

Yes, it is true that I have seen the musical and that I was so crazy about it, and since I have known the premise of the story I don’t need to read this book anymore. However, I might be different from other people and I still think that no plays nor films (not even a serial) could adapt the wholeness of a story in a book. Based on that belief and that belief alone, I started my journey to the mystic of the Opera house.

I do really have problem with the premise of the story itself. I don’t want to spoil anything here but I think this story is too close to reality, the sad and very dark twisted ending, it almost made me cry again when I read it. So, I might have a little bit of moral problem with the premise of the story but I should leave it behind so that it would not compromise my review about the whole book.

It is written in a very good first person narration. M. Leroux gave the details little by little so that you would never want to rest and stop reading even if it’s already the end of a chapter. It was so easy to imagine what happened there as the way M. Leroux described everything in the story was so beautifully real.

I am not too sure about how he detailed the characters other than the Phantom himself, but nevertheless the reader can almost feel sorry for each of them.

However, although this novel is translated from a French scripture, I could take the hint of humour there. I am not sure if it was the kind of humour the French usually used of it was the British humour that was inserted while the translator did the job. Either or, I really enjoyed the humour. It gave the contrast which emphasised the darkness of the story.

This novel however is rather thick, and in some parts it was a little bit slow and dragging. Also, I feel that there are too many characters which confuse me most of the time because sometimes they were just there and went missing for the rest of the story. And, because of the massive numbers of characters, and how the author seemed to want to give some role to each of them in the story, you started to take sides to these people and pick favourites. I am not going to tell you which one is my favourite character, but I am not to hard to guess 🙂

Would I recommend this book to my friends? Now that is a very tricky question. I don’t think this book is a kind of book that everybody could enjoy. I don’t really think that this book is a easy-reading kind of book, and the thickness is definitely not so beginner-friendly. I would definitely recommend this book to friends who enjoyed classics, historical romance, and drama. I would also recommend this book to those who has seen the musical and film but wanted to know more (there definitely more in papers than in the screen).

If you do want to read The Phantom of The Opera, you can download it for free from iBooks if you have any Apple product. I suppose you can do the same with Amazon Kindle, but I am not sure of that.

Happy reading


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