TNSOFT ep. 19


Spike could not hide his anger when he saw Coco left the building with that man. Of course not because of jealousy, don’t be silly. He couldn’t understand how he could trust this maid if she could leave the princess alone with some old man who he knew by then has lost his wife and daughter. How could she leave the princess for a man in silly clothes like that?

Now what should he tell his parents about this? More over, what should he tell the king and the queen of the kingdom of summer in his report to them?

Knowing there is nothing he could do about the princess, he decided to follow Coco to give her a lesson. The man in the silly clothes brought her around and tried to explain to her with a very limited vocabulary. Spike walked and deliberately bumped into them and quickly said sorry after making sure Coco saw his face.

And oh the look on her face was definitely priceless. It was a mix of horror and despair, and he knew that her first thought was how she was going to save herself from being hanged once she came back to the kingdom. Of course he would not be so cruel to her and let her die just because of this, but knowing how scared she was amused him quite a lot.

From afar he saw how she tried to convince the man to come back to the princess. And that poor man must have thought that he bore her that much that she wanted to leave so quickly. And later she had to explain to the princess why they came back so quickly.

However, he could not celebrate this too much. The thought of the encounter between the princess and that old musician bothered him a lot. He remembered the last time he asked Coco about the man named Banjo.

“Who is Banjo?” he asked.

Coco looked at him without blinking. Banjo was the most unthinkable topic among them. Even when she was in the palace, nobody dared to ask about him to her nor to Princess Cinnamon. No wonder Spike was do hesitant to ask this question.

“Why do you ask that?”

“I’ve been told that the reason why princess Cinnamon left the kingdom is because of this man. I want to know who he is really,” said Spike turning his back to hide his blushing face.

“He was a street musician at our marketplace,” Coco began hesitantly.

“A street musician?”

“He was. One day the princess listened to his music and gave him gold coins and started to talk to him. From him she learned the language of this land and also started to know things about the four kingdoms — and their four seasons.

“It wasn’t him she was chasing. It was the freedom this land represented, and she loved him not in the way you might think. He was the one who gave her the key to the other side of the world. He gave her the sight of the new universe. He was the prophet who leads her to the Promised Land,” said Coco in a sad tone.

“How do you know this? Did she tell you?”

“Of course she would never tell me this but, mister guard; I have lived with her for almost all my life. I talked to her, listened to her, observed her and took care of her more than her own siblings and parents. I knew when she lied or planned a mischief. I knew what she felt and how he would react to it,” Coco explained, her mind wandered to the past when they were still in the palace.

“And why do you think she doesn’t want to marry the prince?”

“The arranged marriage?” Coco was surprised that mister guard knew about that.

“You knew that she was being arranged to marry, did you not?”

“I know. I was surprised that you do,” said Coco suspiciously.

“The king told me,” he said quickly.

“Oh…” Coco replied in disbelief.

“Did she said anything, maybe she hates the prince or that she thinks he was a jerk when they met…?”

“How do you know they met before?” asked Coco more suspiciously.

“As a guard I was given enough information, and I would like more so I can be more cautious,” he said impatiently.

“No, she said the prince was perfect. She was just scared that something that was too good to be true usually is,” said Coco while trying to remember the day. Oh what a fateful day.


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