Superbyq In Bahasa?


I understand that this blog used to be written in Bahasa Indonesia. However, this blog has been written in Englsih for more than a year now and I think I am quite comfortable in maintaining it that way. Of course I can always make this blog bilingual, but I think having a blog in English would help me a lot in improving my language.

Considering that my boyfriend is a very critical British man who kept correcting my text, I believe this blog could be the perfect practising ground for me.

However, I should admit that I do really miss writing in Bahasa Indonesia. I am a little bit worried that my Bahasa skill is a little bit rusty too, especially in writing. So, I think having another blog to write in Bahasa is not such a bad idea.

Now, if you remember about my missing blog… It was called MWWYT, a long abbreviation from Mel, What Were You Thinking, which was also the blog headlines for many many years. However, the address was and it was once deleted and I couldn’t get it back for many many years… before few days ago.

Yes, I must share this happy moment with you all.

I have got my old blogspot blog address back.

Maybe a little bit too late to announce it now, because I have posted few entries there for the soft opening. But better late than never, I am announcing that as the Indonesian version of superbyq is officially published. However the entries would be a little bit different from one in this blog. I think I am going to try to write the more “important” stuffs there :p

Thank you, and happy reading đŸ™‚



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