Few days ago when I was visiting a blog of a friend, I saw a very important line she said, and that has inspired me to write this entry. She said that it is important that anyone should upgrade their knowledge.

That is truly an amazing thought.

After reaching a certain age, some people believes that they have known everything they need to know in life. They would stop being curious and stop learning because they think that what they’ve got is enough. Like an old computer that is working for a basic daily job but could never survive for a more complicated task when it is needed. And I think everybody needs an upgrade every now and then.

Comfort is what makes people stop upgrading. If it ain’t broken don’t fix it.

Not everybody has the courage to step outside their comfort zone, and make a change. It is scary to destroy the balance and challenge the things that you’ve been used to. It is scary to learn and upgrade our knowledge because our subconscious minds know that the new thing we learn could contradict what we’ve known before.

Wasn’t it scary for those whose been years believing that the earth is flat, to know that it is actually round? Wasn’t it scary for those whose been believing that the first man was made from earth, to finally found the theory of evolution? The discovery of the new knowledge would make us think. And by thinking, it would open questions to things we used to take for granted.

Those who said that ignorance is a bliss, has never seen the power of knowledge. Those who are happy in their ignorance are a bunch of useless bastards who might never know how many people they might have offended just by saying a hello. I never encourage ignorance although many people (including my father) believes some people are better not knowing about things for their happiness sake.

Upgrading your knowledge makes you a better person. I am not the most knowledgeable person in the world, and I believe I should learn more. And I know I could be a better person, if I had better knowledge about things. I would have been a better writer if I have known better. I would have been a better blogger if I have read more. I would have been a better reviewer if I have experienced more. Those are just some small examples.

In a wider scope, i could have helped more, reached more people, inspired more minds with what I said and wrote, if only I had a better knowledge. Like some of my blogging friends who has reached the mind and soul of their many readers from the knowledge they have shared on their page for years. I wish I could do something like them. I wish I could write more than just complaining about life or my internet connection too.



Be knowledgeable. If knowing about the universe is too much to learn for now, upgrade your knowledge about yourself. If you are a woman, upgrade your knowledge about a woman. If you are an Indonesian, upgrade your knowledge about what is an Indonesian. If you think you are depressed, upgrade your knowledge about what depression really is. If you know more, you can be more.

Cheers ~


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