Book Review: Alice’s Adventure in The Wonderland


Title: Alice’s Adventure in The Wonderland
Author: C.S Lewis

I thought it would be a little bit too much if I gave myself a book a day challenge, but I think a book a week should be doable. This week it is the so well known Alice’s Adventure in The Wonderland, or some of us are more familiar with Alice in Wonderland.

Most of us might have heard the story, maybe watch the film, or have read the simplified version for children. I have to say that this book is crazy.

It is a good crazy and it would challenge any author to beat its craziness, and I don’t think anyone would be able to beat this easily. I am not sure that it was written for kids though, because even though the story is a bit childish, but the context is a little bit too dark for a young minds. However, I would not start to discuss the book from the psychological point of view because there would be many experts who know this matter better than I do, I will review it from a reader’s opinion.

I am always amused by the English sense of humour. Of course some people would say that C.S Lewis is an Irish, but let’s be clear that he spent many years in Oxford and he sounds really British to me. So yes, the British (if I am not allowed to use “English”) sense of humour was very thick in this book, the thing that might not be caught elegantly in the film nor in the adapted version for children, nor the translated novels.

The way he described a little girl, Alice, was so blatantly childish yet we can see that no matter what it was seen from an adult point of view. The was he described the absurdity of the Wonderland was so impressive that we could forgive the impossibility of things.

When I started to read this novel I worried that I might never be able to understand the story completely, but not only I could, this book was so entertaining. It evoked the childish sensation in me and also remind me to be daring with imagination. Nothing is wrong with living the wild imagination and tell this to the world.

Would I recommend this book to anyone? I would, for sure. I think this is a must read classic that anyone should at least try to read, especially those who dreamed of being a fantasy writer, this is a good reference to start with.


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  1. I thought this was written by Lewis Carroll? I’m pretty sure him and C.S. Lewis are two different people, right? ^_^


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