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There are a lot of things that are not so easy for me to explain to my parents. One of them is the concept of friendship I have, and the fact that I have many friends that I have never seen in the real world. I think it is weird for them that someone could trust anyone that could never reveal their real identity, and can only make friends from the internet. And I wouldn’t blame them, since they were not born and raised in this era.

We have adapted the technology of communication so fast so that we started to be an expert” in telling “how much truth” and “how genuine” someone is just from the way they write about themselves and their life. We can give a degree of trust to people we only know from their thoughts and their point of view. Friendship then becomes something that goes beyond the physical plane.

I remembered that Princess AK in her blog said that she could only shared a certain aspects of herself to her friends in the real life and more to the friends she knew more from the virtual world (See? You inspired me too). I think her experience is everybody’s experience. Some people are not too outspoken and raised their opinion especially in a delicate subjects of discussions (like me). Some people chose to avoid confrontation (ike me). Some people chose to speak out their mind anonymously and enjoy the anonymity while interacting with people with the same minds.

Then from these interactions, we started to gain friends. It is the kind of friendship which was started from a common interest. A common idea. A common thought. A common belief perhaps. It is the kind of friendship which was based from the acceptance to things that we think could never be accepted in the real world. And then, we started to think… if these people could accept my most deviant thoughts, there should not be any problem for them to accept the best part of me too.

And this is what makes it difficult to explain to others why I would love to invite my blogging friends, whom I have never seen in the real life to my reception (if there’s any). I think my readers, my blogging friends, are those who have shared the most p art of my life, compared to some friends who came and went, and probably ran away without looking back after they knew few sides of me which did not fit their expectation about me.

I remember that many of my blogging friends have given me the support when times were rough. I remember I did the same for them not only to return the favour, but because I really care about their lives. I gained so much from my friendship in this blogging world. Not only I gained networks and contacts, I have gained experiences, and knowledges. And these are things that you probably could not get from those you have known even for your whole life.

Maybe next time, if my mother asked me again why I wanted to invite people that I know online to my reception, I could just answer: “because they have become a part of my life too”:)


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    • Well if I am not mistaken, Cinderella was always a royal family daughter, a princess indeed, but had to suffer because of the wicked step mother. So yeah, princess…


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