TNSOFT ep.20


Rhyme is just a little boy when he met Banjo. He used to help the stage setters bringing the woods and decorations just for few copper coins. He could have got a better job since he was still young and was quite good looking too, but he kept following Banjo’s group for a reason. He idolised the man who came back from the kingdom half the world away.

The first time Banjo noticed his existence was the day he got up sober after months being drunk mourning for his wife and daughter. The second time was the day he caught him practicing a soliloquy from an unknown poet from their neighbouring kingdom. And when he decided to call this young boy to sit down with him and talk, Banjo has already known that Rhyme did not have parents and was left alone in front of the opera house and worked his life to repay the kindness of the people around him before he decided to leave the opera house and follow his group.

Banjo could not forget the gleaming happiness in his face when he asked him if he wanted to be his personal assistant. Banjo thought that this boy might eventually explode confetti if he admitted that his real intention is to make him his godson.

Rhyme had never disappointed his godfather. He studied really hard, and even managed to learn a little of the language of the kingdom of summer. Slowly, he learned and took over the financing of Banjo’s music group, and supervise the stage setting. Having Rhyme to manage everything, Banjo had more time to work on his music. Small things that used to annoy him such as replacing the backdrop on the stage or the malfunction of the musical instruments are no longer bothering him, since Rhyme has done everything for him.

Rhyme was not allowed to do physical works anymore and was told to delegate since he had to study. After awhile, when his skin had become fairer as he’s got less sun exposure, and he looked a little bit cleaner since he’s no longer doing physical work, and he becomes more eloquent and charismatic since he becomes more intelligent; Banjo let him to fill the role to open a concert.

Rhyme told this to Coco, who listened whole heartedly. Of course it is not so easy to understand someone if her knowledge of his language is not better than his knowledge of her language. But somehow being able to understand his story and exchange their language at the same time has touched Coco’s heart a little.

Of course it’s before she saw the face she dreaded so much. Spike bumped into her on her way to the town centre, and he did it the way coco would know that he was being deliberate. And now she had to find a way to bring him back to the princess without making him think that he had bored her silly.


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