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Summer Cleaning


Trust me, this time I am not bulshitting when I am saying that I have been busy these few days. Apparently after a decade of nesting, Mr. Fix-It decided that this summer is the best time to do the cleaning. He thought it might be a good idea to chuck away some stuffs and make room for me and my stuffs, for when finally I could move in with him. However, ten years hoarding made it hard for us to really clean up everything. I could least stuffs that has gone to the skip few last weekend: at least a couple of broken chairs, an exercise bike, at last two broken laptop, a broken bookshelves, a silly amount of old clothes, tons of holey unpaired socks, and a bike.

I haven’t yet rummaged the kitchen cupboards, and I know that there would be few pans, and dozens of dinning wares I would replace with the new ones. I would also throw away the expired herb and spices. I could never believe that there were immense amount of herbs and spices in the larder which have been expired more than three years ago. I have even seen the Cheyenne Pepper which has been expired since 2005. I don’t know how could he live with so much mess in the kitchen.

Of course I have managed to make him clean the kitchen for me. He has cleared the counter top to give me space to prepare cooking, and clean whatever he could to make it more comfortable for me to cook in the kitchen. It included throwing away more than half alien relics which has been in the fridge for… ever. That was okay, and as a thank you gesture I cooked for him some asian food, which he liked a lot. It is funny that he kept mentioning how his tongue likes Asian food more than western food, and how he likes vegetables now than ever because I made vegetables edible.

Again… I don’t know how he lived his live for these years if he never ate vegetables and fruits.

I think what he needs to do next is to move some stuffs to a better place and make space for another stuffs. For example, to move a set of drawer to my wardrobe, so I could clear up some boxes which he could use to store his electronic stuffs better. And probably get some new bookshelves so I could find a place to put my books away. I have dozens of books scattered around the house this moment and it doesn’t feel right.

The other thing that is also a little bit urgent is shoe rack. I know that for him it probably is not too important, because I think as a man he doesn’t have a special connection with his shoes, but I am a girl and I like my shoes organised. SO there, sue me for loving my shoes! And also a dresser or a vanity table for me, I definitely need that. I am tired of having my skincare lies on the ground and me sitting on the carpet while doing my daily and nightly skin care rituals. That is wrong.

One thing that makes it less tiring for me is that Mr. Fix-It doesn’t mind doing the laundry and washing up once in a while. I think that would help a lot in the future because those are the stuffs I hate the most since it made my hands dry.

Oops… it is raining outside. Time to crawl under the blanket and have a nice nap soon.



Film Review: The Act Of Killing


Title: The Act Of Killing (Jagal)
Director: Joshua Oppenheimer
Language: Indonesian (English Subtitles)

Synopsis (taken from
When the government of Indonesia was overthrown by the military in 1965, Anwar and his friends were promoted from small-time gangsters who sold movie theatre tickets on the black market to death squad leaders. They helped the army kill more than one million alleged communists, ethnic Chinese, and intellectuals in less than a year. As the executioner for the most notorious death squad in his city, Anwar himself killed hundreds of people with his own hands.

Today, Anwar is revered as a founding father of a right-wing paramilitary organization that grew out of the death squads. The organization is so powerful that its leaders include government ministers, and they are happy to boast about everything from corruption and election rigging to acts of genocide.

The Act of Killing is about killers who have won, and the sort of society they have built. Unlike ageing Nazis or Rwandan génocidaires, Anwar and his friends have not been forced by history to admit they participated in crimes against humanity. Instead, they have written their own triumphant history, becoming role models for millions of young paramilitaries. The Act of Killing is a journey into the memories and imaginations of the perpetrators, offering insight into the minds of mass killers. And TheAct oKilling is a nightmarish vision of a frighteningly banal culture of impunity in which killers can joke about crimes against humanity on television chat shows, and celebrate moral disaster with the ease and grace of a soft shoe dance number.

If I was not ill when I watch this film, I would have enjoyed it more. However, this is one hell of a documentary film. Oh yes, this is a documentary film and probably would not suit children under 18 years old for so many violence and explicit sexual dialogue (although it is categorised under 15 and above). Basically the content of the documentary film is not suitable for kids.

This surely is a really interesting film. Not only because I have a personal emotional bond with the topic itself, but also because of the way it was presented in a 2 hours 40 minutes of “what the fuck”. In a good way. It gave the audience the real insight of the perpetrator of the massacre happened in Indonesia ages ago.

The concept, I have to admit, a little bit surreal. It is hard to explain without spilling the beans. If you don’t like documentary film you might find it boring. Unlike the usual fiction films, this does not have the regular plot. It could be confusing as hell if you don’t have the initial understanding of the political situation in Indonesia now and then.

Would I recommend this to other people? Definitely.

Although I don’t think one can easily access this film from Indonesia, but I believe this worth to be downloaded somewhere. This would give the cringing enlightenment to the people who did not know how the history could be reversed. Even I believed this should be given in school to educate the young people to be open minded.

Yes I would recommend this film to everybody. If you find it boring in the beginning, wait a bit longer until you can grasp the essence of why this film was made. That would worth it.

Mid Year Assessment


I think I have started to make a new tradition for me to start a year with a list of resolution to be achieved, and assess it in the middle and in the end of the year. This year is no exception, so let’s start.

Uhm… No, I have not make any income yet. That’s a bit embarrassing because my sister is now earning her own money now. I can argue that I just graduated, but it was not a really good excuse at all. I think the real reason why I haven’t start finding any job or working on any business is because of the uncertainty in my life. I am not sure yet if I am going to live in Indonesia or in England. If I am going to live in England, would I be living in Norwich or Wales? If I am going to live in Indonesia, would it be in Jakarta, Solo, or Bali? This location problem itself has prevent me from trying to find out a suitable job.

Yes, I could have start an online business. I am more than happy to find a job or a business that can be done online, so it would be irrelevant where I would live in the future, I could earn from home. However, this is not an easy thing to achieve, it would take ages before a blog or any online business start to earn steadily. So yeah…

Lose weight…


I have started a diet program with my friend few month ago when I was in Indonesia. It was an intense weight loss program, and my target was A LOT. And I was able to shed few kilograms before i finally gained some again. It is a bit upsetting though how hard it is to lose weight without actually harming myself.

About travelling?

I went to Bali with Mr. Fix-It. It is actually the first time I went to anywhere with him. It is too bad that we did not have enough time to explore other places in Indonesia. Maybe next time if we had more holiday time, I could bring him to a more local places in Indonesia. I have travelled back to Norwich, and it was such a nostalgic experience and it was also the first time I was in the coach with Mr. Fix-It.

Books and films? I think I have done better in this one. Although I have to admit I haven’t really gone to any museums until now. It is a bit scary because I believe there are some good museums in Indonesia and I haven’t gone to any of those places. Sad. But yes, since the beginning of this year I have at least read few good books. I definitely finished Alice’s Adventure in the Wonderland, and The Great Gatsby to begin with, and The Witch from Portobello. I have watched few good films, and made reviews about them.

I think so far this year haven’t been too bad for me. I have got engaged so far, got graduated too, and am back in Norwich even for a short period of time. I am now in a very good terms with my family (including my parents… surprisingly), and have maintained some friendships. I think I have done good enough.

However, I still have some months to go before the end of the year. Could I be better? Could I do better? Let’s see…

Guys with The Silly Hats


If it was not because I was ill, I could probably have enjoyed the graduation even more than I did few days ago. Funny because I have never had this kind of excitement for graduation. Not for either my Bachelor Degree and my Master Degree. For, of course, many different reasons.

My bachelor degree graduation ceremony was stupid. We HAD to buy that silly hats and robes, and we HAD to pay massive amount of money for that. It was of course grand and glamorous, like what people always thought about my university, but I could not feel the attachment of five years being there like an unforgettable year I have got in my uni in Norwich.

Probably one of the reason why I was not so excited to go to the graduation ceremony is because most of my friends (ALL of my friends) could not go there. Their reasons vary. From those who by mistake has asked for their degree would be received in absentia, to those who basically has drowned into work and could not go anywhere outside the country, to those who felt that acquiring visa is so much of a chore, to those who claimed to have no money to go to Norwich to receive the award. And those who just did not want to come.

And I was ill. It was one of the terrible illness which made me think of many different scenario of dying. It did not happen. I could easily be more dramatic than this but it would not help my mood right now because my throat is sore and I would rather kill myself than to be reminded of how sore it was. And I am hungry, and I could not eat with this stupid sore throat.

So, the graduation….

My parents decided not to come. The said they would save the visit for when I got married to Mr. Fix-It. Fair enough… So, instead of them, Mr. Fix-It came to the ceremony to witness me in a silly robe and a silly hat. As for that day, I did not feel silly wearing those hired gown. I felt embarrassingly proud in those unusual outfit.

I was, of course, anxious and feeling sickeningly ill, but then it did not stop me from wearing high heels which in the end of the day, I took off while we were walking back to Mr. Fix-It’s car. I could not stop coughing, and clapping at the same time, and somehow I realised that the speech in this ceremony was so much much much more interesting to hear.

Graduation speech with a splash of intellectual British humour.

Not just an old guy in the podium reading a sheet of speech and wobbling his head in the end of every sentence. Or the annoying parents representation who tried too hard to make himself cool in front of his son’s entire alma mater. Or the poor student representation who looked as if she was going to faint out of the anxiety.


It was not that complicated.

Just a speech, and the award giving, and then the champagne.

And everybody happy.

Or at least I would be happy with that, if it was not because of the sore throat which became worse and worse after being so tired under the heat of the summer sun. Where’s the British summer when you need them?

But it was a good day. And I am glad I was there. And I am glad Mr. Fix-It came with me there. And I am glad some of my friends could see it online (I swear I did not know that it could be seen live, online). And I am glad I am here.



Spice Up Your Relationship


“Jealousy in romance is like salt in food. A little can enhance the savor, but too much can spoil the pleasure and, under certain circumstances, can be life-threatening” – Maya Angelou

I am not sure where I saw this quote, or who quoted this, but when I saw it I almost cried because this is one of the saddest thing an adult has ever said. It made me shiver because that quote was said by a famous person whose some people look up to. It is not so much different than what many unstable teenagers in Indonesia used to say to me: “A little drama spiced up the relationship, without it the relationship is boring.”

That is absurd.

Few years ago, Mr. Atheist and I have discussed about this matter and came to a conclusion that to be able to get a peaceful and healthy relationship, we must avoid those who believes in this. Unless you are a drama queen/king who wants to have another drama king/queen to be your partner, the first thing to ask on your first date is: what do you think about jealousy? And if she answered like what you read above, run for your life. Experience has taught me that.

Some of my partners in the past has filed lots of complains to me because I don’t do jealousy things. If I don’t trust them then there’s no need to continue a relationship. I would make it easy: it doesn’t matter if you like seeing other woman’s butt because it is normal, and it is inevitable if there’s a nice pair of butts wobbling in front of you. It doesn’t matter if you like seeing pretty faces because pretty faces are there to be enjoyed. In fact, I would like to enjoy it with you too.

It doesn’t matter if another girl likes you because it means I have a good pair of eyes by choosing you and I am proud of that. I would strut and show you off in the weekend and make sure I would rub it in everybody’s face that you are mine. If a pretty girl likes your partner, then be even cockier because he chose you, godamnit. Woman, why do you need to be jealous about that.

What is not okay is when your partner likes her too in a romantic way, and not friendly way. What is not okay is when she/he started to cheat on you and send romantic messages. What is not okay is when she.he sleeps around and treat you bad. And when it happened, then it is even needless to be jealous because all you need to do is to dump that silly bastard and move on with your life.

See? Why the fuck anybody needs to be jealous?

Some said that little drama such as small arguments (read: fights) could spice up your relationship. And I said, fuck that very much.

There is nothing more tiring than having a fight over something stupid every now and again just to satisfy the thirsty drama monster inside your partner’s head. There is nothing more exhausting than to create mood roller coaster once a month just to make the relationship feels alive — PMS can do that alright, doesn’t it? And it is sad to have to create problem and solve it yourself just to feel happy with the relationship. Is that the fake achievement you wanted to acquire?


Maybe you would realise later that there is a real problem out there when you are in a real relationship. It is not about the text from the ex, or who made you late for the cinema this weekend, or things like that. There are so much bigger things to deal with, house mortgage, bills, food, wedding issues, visa technicality and so much more. If that’s not enough drama for you then you might need to have a life a little.

Luckily, Mr. Fix-It is drama free kind of person. I guess that is one of the reason I decided to settle down with him. Instead of giving me mood swing, he could calm me down in my PMS days, instead of being jealous he could sit with me in the corner of a coffee shop and decided if a girl is cute enough or not, and made a lot of joke about it. Instead of stopping me meeting my old friends and exes, he encourages me to expand my self and be sociable. And to spice things up we discuss about everything under the sun: about him, about me, about this blog, about our friends, about our family, our country… politics, religion, education, books…

So, no… I disagree. For me jealousy and drama does not spice up MY relationship. It poison it little by little. It is the bad cholesterol which could make a cardiac arrest to your relationship. And it is shitty.

And Then It Stopped…


Yesterday’s post inspired me to write this entry. I am so amazed that I could inspire myself to write. I must be THAT inspiring.

And no, I don’t have narcissistic disorder, so can we just move on to the topic I wanted to talk about? Yes we can.

Yesterday’s entry made me realise that after some times, I have lost few friendship with some people whom I used to be close with. I can mention some names, but I don’t think it is fair because I barely revealed my own name in this blog and now I spill out other people’s name. That’s not cool. However, I can THINK of many names that used to spend hours with me chatting about stuffs, and shared their secrets with me and then it stopped. For one or so many reasons.

Some simply because we grew apart. In high school, they went after boys, and I went after academic score. In university, they went after friendship, job and shopping, and I went after cigarettes, alcohol and online gaming (hey! No judging!!). And probably one of the biggest reason I lost some of my friend was because of si Onyed.

Not that I regret losing them as a friend because I am cool about it. But if I could have turned back the time, would I do the same?

Coming out is a big word for some people. Some believe that coming out is a must, because it means a total acceptance for some people whose opinion we care about. Some believe that it is definitely optional, because the only acceptance you need is from yourself and you don’t have to prove anything to anyone else. And fair enough.

But honestly, (and this would only happen once in my history of blogging), I should admit that I was careless and arrogant. And why is that? Was I blinded by love and thought that I could do anything just because I have my partner beside me? Apparently I was.

I thought just because I had the right to come out and tell the world, I could do that and fuck everybody else’s opinion. This is the attitude that some of the young unstable teens have, me against the world kind of behaviour. They would say that this is me and nothing you can do about it, and fuck you and your opinion and if you cannot accept me the way I am then you’re out of my life. That kind of attitude. I wanted them to respect my decision of having a girlfriend, but I did not think of what they feel and how they would accept it.

Again, I said I was young, careless, unwise and arrogant.

The conversation I had with Stef in our first meeting reminded me so much about that. She told me that the reason why they did not come out to their friends and family was because there would be so much collateral damage. They were the mature kind of couple who had this social responsibility to hold their tongue and be happy just by living with self acceptance. Would that be nice if I thought of things like that before I decided to announce to the world about who I was sleeping with?

The things is, the damages I have caused are irreversible. My parents would always be scarred with the knowledge that her daughter is playing both side. And for what cause? It is not that I did that for a greater good, it’s not that I did that because I had clear vision about what I was going to do in the future with my partner at that time. I did that because I could.

I was not stupid enough to know that the relationship could not go any further. I was not stupid enough to understand that living abroad was the only option and that option would not be viable as long as I was with si Onyed. However, I insisted to announced it to the world and caused the huge destruction which until now has not yet been restored. One of those was my lost friendship.

I am not saying that I haven’t seen the bright side of being open and come out to the world about who I actually am. But yes there is a price to pay, and although there is no regret of what’s happened in the past, if I could turn back the time I might have done it in a little bit different way.

Just a bit.

You Are (Un)Invited…


I just realised that for some people, wedding invitation is a delicate matter. Not being invited to a wedding is a biggie, and it could cause a rage, especially when you had a moment of closeness with this particular person (read: you were close friend for a couple of years, and now you’re living a different kind of world). However, for me, not being invited to a party is a common thing to happen.

When I was in my high school, as I probably have mentioned many times before in this blog, I have more male friends then female friends. Which means I don’t have enough female friends who would invite me to their sweet seventeen birthdays. And some girls who I knew few years earlier and was my friend in the primary school or middle school would rather invite their new girls instead of the girl they knew few years back. Wouldn’t that be normal?

I think the same thing when one of the girl I knew when I was studying architecture decided not to invite me to her wedding reception.

Although I realised that there were more than that in the surface.

Pinpin got so upset when she knew I did not get the invitation, Mr. Fix-It joked and said that she is out from our wedding invitation list. I thought, “That’s a bit of over-reaction, wasn’t it?”

She was quite close to me when we were studying in the Architecture school, that was a fact. But the friendship dissolved when I had a relationship with si Onyed because she did not feel comfortable having a friend who had a relationship with a girl, and that was also a fact. So basically it is so much logical if she did not want to invite someone who made her uncomfortable to her wedding, isn’t it? It is he wedding day, it is her right to invite someone or not. And I think what she did was so much better than a fake invitation I have got several years ago from another girl.

Apparently at that time, she was getting married and she did not want me to know because I knew she did it for the wrong reason. But she accidentally leaked it to me and she invited me because I already knew. I decided not to come because she never invited me at the first place and I did not want to make it awkward for her because it was supposed to be her big day, not mine. So, not coming to a wedding? Fine for me.

It is also so much better than lying, like what si Onyed’s friend did few years before that happened. She was from a very religious family, and apparently inviting a girls-couple would hurt the family. It is so reasonable not to invite si Onyed and I at that time and telling us that would be easily acceptable (at least for me). But instead she made some story that it was only a small reception for the family only. Which would be fine unless the photo of the reception did not leak on facebook by one of the friends from Onyed’s class, which made her enraged at that time.

Oh well.

They used to be my closest friends but are they now? I don’t know. I don’t think so. So I don’t see that there is any obligation that they have to invite me to their wedding. Even if they are my closest friend, I don’t see any obligation for them to invite me to their wedding if they don’t want to do it.

I am in that position right now. I am in the position where I can invite someone or not invite them for any reason. And I think, it is not an easy job to pick who’s in and who’s out, don’t you think? And I think they have made an excellent job purging the friends they don’t need in their wedding. And why would I be angry with them for being a bride, I should have congratulated them myself (and I did, by the way, when I was in the wedding).

However, the last wedding I attended was awkward. It could have been a very nice and exciting wedding, but the fact that I met my ex and his girlfriend and I was there alone did not help. I could have enjoyed it more, probably if some of the guys were invited, but they were not. Yes, my invitation said Bybyq and partner, but my partner at that time was on the flight feeling horrible because of the turbulence to meet me and my family the next day. So sue me for not enjoying any minutes of it.


I was never a big fan of wedding myself, so please if you think you HAVE TO invite me, make sure you think I deserve to be there to share your happiness. You have no obligation to invite me, because I would be happy for you anyway although you did not.

Film Review: Chronicle


Title: Chronicle (2012)
Language: English

Director: Josh Trank
Writers: Max Landis (screenplay), Max Landis (story)
Stars: Dane DeHaan, Alex Russell, Michael B. Jordan

I am not sure why I have never heard about this film long time ago when it was first released. I don’t know why this is not as popular as the other films in the cinema last year. I am pretty sure I could have watched it long time ago if I knew what the film was about but, oh yeah… people might have been busy talking about the expensive cars racing on the street or the English agent trying to chase the bad guy. Maybe because there are not too many big names on the cast list, or maybe because it did not have enough budget to boost the advertisement?

I don’t know.

But I am pretty sure if I knew there was a film like this, I would have gone to the cinema to watch it instead of doing it on the aeroplane in-flight entertainment. I have to say, this is one of a great film you should watch. And I am about to tell you why.

The premise of the story was quite simple, three teenage boys suddenly gained superpower. However, the focus of the story itself was not in how the superpower changed their life like most superheroes films, but the dynamic of these boys friendships because of the power they have got.

I am so glad that the story writer did not bother to make up story about how they got they superpower because it would ruined the focus of the story. I am glad that whoever came up with the story did not bother to make it a superhero story. I am glad that these teenage boys were still teenagers after they received this power and it made the whole impossibility, and the things that made no sense to me were eventually forgiven. I think I have to thank the story maker for coming up with the hell of a story which was not “mainstream”.

Now that I think about it, maybe one of the reason why this film was not too famous, was because of that. A dark story about three teenage boys, who are not a typical american hero you’ve seen in Marvel’s superheroes film, with no famous names in it. Not too commercial is it?

I cannot give too much comment about cinematography and such, because I don’t know much about that. What I know is that I love the angle of the camera shoot. Oh, if you have seen the film you would know why I said that.

I am afraid I could not say more without eventually spoiling everything, but I should say that this is a must seen film. If you haven’t seen it yet, you might have to find the DVD or Blue Ray or whatever. Or you could legally or illegally download it from somewhere. I would give it an 8 out of 10, but probably if I watched it on a proper television or even cinema I could give more (since I would have got a better sound system to watch it with).

Would I recommend it to anyone? Well… I know that people likes different things. Some likes a pure brainless actions, some likes a bit of drama. Some likes films that makes your brain exploded some just wanted to see lots of soppy romance. With this film, you could have the explosions, the destroying of buildings and famous hallmarks, and yet you would focus on the drama and the psychology of human beings. This film is a bit dark and depressing, but it is quite easy to follow although it is not a pure action. So, you decide if you would like to watch it or not…

Blogging Friend (2)


It is not a secret that I have a really bad habit of forgetting to post after awhile, especially when I have been lazing around in Mr. Fix-It’s house. Apparently my laziness has no relation whatsoever with the stupid internet connection. Even in a place with amazing internet connection I still stopped writing and stuff. And that has to come to an end. Don’t you think?

So, anyway, I should come back to this blog and start writing again before my English and my writing skill deteriorate. And since it is my blogging friends are those who reminded me that I should be writing again, I should come back to this topic this entry. Do you mind? Of course you don’t.

Just a day before the arrival of Mr. Fix-It to Indonesia, I accidentally met someone that I have been talking to in the internet. It was definitely a coincidence. I was at a hair salon to get my hair done for a wedding reception I was going to attend that evening, so while I was waiting for the hair to be done, I lurked on Path and found out that she was in the same mall. So I contacted her, which was not so easy because apparently in that mall, the internet network was quite hard to access in a certain area of the mall.

It was that instant.

We had made several attempt to plan a meeting and every time I was in Jakarta, we missed the opportunity, either because of she could not make it, or I could not. Sometimes the best things happened when we did not plan at al. Unfortunately because there was no plan made, I could not meet her girlfriend at the same time as she lives quite far from the mall. There will be next time though 🙂

She said that I was a bit quiet and observant. That’s probably true. But probably because my sister and brother were around and they did not know much about the things I have been writing in this blog most of the time. They came here and read once in a while when I tagged them on facebook or whatever, but most of the time they would not care to come to see this blog. They are not so familiar with the blogging life and internet friendship, so they might not so comfortable with the idea that someone could be so open on the first meeting.

But yes she was right also, I was observing. I did not know what I was expecting when I met her. I read her and her thought only from her blog, but she was much much more wonderful then what I have read. I was so amazed knowing what she’s achieved in her life and kind of envy her in that sense, because listening to her made me realise how little I have acquired in life. It made me realise how little I know about things. Nevertheless it was a really nice meet up.

Stef, this girl I met, was not the first blogging friend I have met. I have met several before her and I could not wait to have more encounters with fabulous people in my online world. How great could that be? I have shared their world for probably more than a good year, and the fact that I could see them in the eyes and see the person behind the words would be very exciting. And, how mr. Fix-It would react towards this blogging friends meet up and stuffs?

The fact that I met him online did not make him insecure. The thing is he understand completely that it is not so easy for me to get new friends if I am not working or studying in this country. And the fact that he has few online friends that he has met in the past made him understand that online friendship even between female and male is very much possible. And I am so glad that he could understand this thing and did not over reacting with stupid jealousy and such.

I will try, in the future not to talk about him so much, since I don’t want to turn this blog into as soppy lovey dovey blog. Trust me, you will find the old me soon enough after this romantic mood gone.

That’s all for today. Have a nice day. Cheers 🙂

Mr. Fix-It And Everybody


And… Finally Mr. Fix-It met everybody. What I meant with everybody wasn’t the sixty people swarming in my house the day he proposed me. Although, yes, literally they are the everybody, but what I meant with everybody is the people which was important to me, and the people whose opinion I care about. My sisters, my brother, my parents, and my friends. I could not give a single f*ck what the everybody else thinks about my relationship.

So, I am glad that my parents like him. I think at the beginning, it is more the Asian politeness, to serve and to entertain the guest. But then I started to realise that my mother was really into it. I think it is nice that she really wanted him to feel at home although he was surrounded with hundreds of Asians half his size. And what makes me even happier, is the fact that my sisters and brother like him too.

When Mr. Fix it and I went to Bali with La and Mon, we really got on very well. He even made jokes with my sisters. Yes, his bad jokes >_< but luckily my sisters understood that it is a deliberate bad joke so there was no awkward moment happened. Told him that no bad jokes allowed, but he did not listen. Of course. Mon and him even discussed about the construction and building and that kind of stuff. In a way, I am happy that he could encourage my sisters to speak more English.

And he also met si Onyed. Yes, my ex, who is now one of my bestest friend. I am so happy that they talked a lot and shared a lot, and the fact that I have got my best friend’s blessing made me feel complete. And even more, the fact that Mr. Fix-It understood completely the dynamic of my friendship with si Onyed relieved me. I think it is nice to get so much understanding from someone who you’ve chosen to spend your entire life with. That is now a scary thought >_<


Yes, he met the big family.

My aunt told him that it is only the “closest family”. I could hear the sound of his jaw dropped when he learned that there were hundreds of them who did not come to the event. And perhaps, a little bit relieved too. In the event I had to introduce them one by one started from the older generations to the younger ones, and as I have predicted long before the even started, mr. Fix-It has forgotten them the second after the introduction finished.

One of the most excited member of my family was definitely my grandmother. And her sisters (and her sister in law). It is a little bit creepy when they started talking about us and giggled (or cackled – according to Mr. Fix-It), and the exact same reaction every time I translated what he said to them. It reminds me a moment after Mr. Fix It went down on one knee and proposed me in front of the 60 people, my grand aunt whispered to me and asked me to ask him a kiss. What an outrageous request!

And I am glad that Mr. Fix-It likes my family. Maybe one of the reason why I worried about introducing the whole relatives to him was because of the fact that personally I don’t really like being too close with them. Maybe I was afraid that he would rejected them, or vice versa. But now, knowing that everything went well, I am glad it happened the way it happened. Of course if I could turn back the time, there is no way I would let those 60 people came and see me being proposed like that.

I don’t really like being in the spotlight.

Oh well. I guess that is the end of the Mr. Fix-It visit to Indonesia the series. I hope my visit to Wales to meet his parents would go as good as his visit 🙂