Update: Just Like Usual


Luckily, I was writing extra actively so I had a lot of extra content to be scheduled. Because, as I have predicted I was very busy when Mr. Fix-It came to Indonesia to visit me and my family. I will update that with a series of “Mr. Fix-It in Indonesia” entries for the next few days, but I must update some stuffs before I continue.

The first is that I am now in England again. Yay.

It is less than 24 hours since the first time I arrived in Norwich and now I am having a very mixed up feelings. I will update you later with that too, but honestly, I blamed everything on my PMS (or PMDD if I can use that term more lightly).

The second thing to update is that I am not engaged. LOL. Yes, to Mr. Fix-It. And, I am now wearing a very delicate white gold diamond ring in my hand. I can’t wait to tell everybody the details, but it would have to wait.

Now, I am going to have a nice shower and wash my hair. Really, I want to get rid of this aeroplane smell in me.

Update soon.


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  1. You didn’t tell me you’re back! Yay!

    You said “not engaged” and I got confused, but I think you meant “now” xD Congratulations! I wanna see the ring 😀


    • Thank you :p
      Now I can see your natural talent to be an editor too 😀
      Let’s meet up somewhere in London. A day trip or you can come to see Notwich (not much to see though).


      • Spotting mistakes is my talent.

        I’m going to be in London early August with some online friends if you want to meet up then. That month I have a full schedule though so if I do decide to come up to Norwich it’ll have to be this month maybe.


      • I think I can squeeze the schedule so that I can go to London for a day trip, if you had a date please let me know. This month I am not so sure because there are lots of things to do, but definitely would let you know.


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