The Cured


I am so sorry that I have to cut the story about the visit of Mr. Fix-It to Indonesia because of this puny occurrence which upset me a little. I would have to let this out of my system first because it really bothered me and blocked my brain from getting inspiration to write. I am so sorry that it would be an unpleasant entry for some people, and I apologise in advance. So, shall I proceed?

It started from my engagement to Mr. Fix-It not so long time ago. It definitely got a little bit of attention on my facebook page since the first time I posted it. Well, especially for me who did not have too much interaction with people lately, I did not expect more than ten comments there. I am quite surprised on how many people actually cared enough to click the like button or left a congratulation on the comment box. Or, so I thought.

Many people who stopped talking to me ages ago started to talk to me again, making contact and congratulate me. I don’t mind with that. I mean, some friends are lost in time and sometimes when they are back, they are back. Sometimes some people just lost my contacts and did not know how to reach me, so they waited for a special occasion to start a conversation again. I am a very positive minded person, you see? I did not think bad of these people until they said something that revealed their true self.

And I am kind of good in that. I am studying communication not for nothing.

So one of my friend sounded too excited and started to ask some more personal stuff on the comment box. I know that I tend to be more open in my blog, but it was because of the anonymity I have in this place. On facebook you are totally exposed and I don’t like the idea of telling personal stuff in this public area, so I told her that I am not into this, so if she wanted a personal chat, we could just talk in a more private line. She agreed and gave me her number so I could contact her via whatsapp messenger.

There was a delay before I actually contacted her because I was too busy being happy in Norwich. But then I realised I might have to be a little bit nicer to people now that I am no longer a grumpy little bitch who rants about most everything happened in her life. I should be a happier and more sociable person to return the kindness of people who (allegedly) were being genuinely happy for me on my facebook status update. So I sent her a hello today and hoped for a good chat as we haven’t talked for ages.

As usual, she was always a loud woman, and I was almost forgot it until she made lots of comment which for me a little bit too personal. I think having a taste of privacy for these last two years made me forgot how intrusive a conventional Chinese Indonesian people could be. However, I blamed it not only on the culture but also on the general ignorance she had, just like every single idiots in this universe did.

Basically a simple hello has escalated quite quickly into a comment from her about my engagement. Not only a comment but a line, which maybe for her it sounds funny, but very offensive for me.

She said,”Hey, so when are you going to get married? God, finally you’re cured.”

So I replied to her politely, but wanted to make her know how wrong she was, “I have never recalled when I was sick on the first place.”

But instead of apologising to me or dropping the subject altogether she continued by saying, “Have forgotten when you were sick, have you?”

Now that reminds me why I don’t want too many people knows about my relationship with Mr. Fix-It. Apparently my biggest challenge was not facing the LGBT friends who felt offended or betrayed by my engagement, but from people I used to think were supporting me before. People who I thought understood me all these time, and suddenly came back to me and said, “see now you’ve been cured” or simply, “see, you can be with a man.”

And here I thought we are living in a modern world.

I am not hating these kind of people, and I understand where they came from. I understand how they reacted the way they did. I just don’t want to mingle with these people. I think if they are allowed to keep their opinion, I could keep mine too. Don’t I?



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