Film Review: Now You See Me


Title: Now You See Me
Language: English
Director: Louis Leterrier
Writers: Ed Solomon, Boaz Yakin
Stars: Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson, Morgan Freeman

This is a really good film. I don’t know whether I did not give enough attention to the entertainment shows or this film actually did not get the exposure it deserved. I am sorry that this film was released in about the same time with the superman which the missing of his red underwear stole the public attention. However, I am glad I have got the chance to see this film in the cinema.

I like crime stories. However, even a good and well written crime stories wouldn’t be enjoyable to watch if it is not executed well. This film is a crime film which was not only well written, but also executed wonderfully. The premise was quite simple: four magician who introduced themselves as the four horsemen claimed an impossible crime, and the police had the difficulties to prove their crime.

I don’t know if the lack of the characterisations is the drawback of this film or just another plus point. With so many characters in the story, it is rather nice to see that there was no one central character as the focus of the story. All the characters were built to support the storyline and I think each of them has been given enough portion already.

The plot was brilliant. Most of the time I could easily guess the plot and how it would end. I am quite proud of my deduction skill. However in this film I have failed to guess things from the beginning, which made me decide to just forget about guessing and just enjoy the film. Not so hard to do when the film was so thrilling.

What makes the film even better is the lack of actions. Yes. There were the minimum amount of explosions, running around in the street chasing the bad guys, and gun shot. And the fact that the story writer didn’t bother to exploit the girls to insert the romance thingy in the story has totally amazed me. Yes, I was really happy watching this.

Would I recommend this film to my friends?

Hm… Now I have to be very careful recommending this film to other people. The thing is, I decided to watch this film because one of my friend said that this film confused him a lot. Which means, for some people whose brain couldn’t process the fast moving logic in this film this could be a very annoying yet confusing film. I couldn’t offer other things such as pretty faces or yummy muscles to the girls either because it is not the kind of film. So, it is so hard for me to just recommend.

However, if you’re a fan of crime films and you love films such as, Fracture, Lucky Number Slevin, or The Usual Suspect, or even 21. You might love this one too.

Enjoy the film 🙂


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