Mr. Fix-It And Everybody


And… Finally Mr. Fix-It met everybody. What I meant with everybody wasn’t the sixty people swarming in my house the day he proposed me. Although, yes, literally they are the everybody, but what I meant with everybody is the people which was important to me, and the people whose opinion I care about. My sisters, my brother, my parents, and my friends. I could not give a single f*ck what the everybody else thinks about my relationship.

So, I am glad that my parents like him. I think at the beginning, it is more the Asian politeness, to serve and to entertain the guest. But then I started to realise that my mother was really into it. I think it is nice that she really wanted him to feel at home although he was surrounded with hundreds of Asians half his size. And what makes me even happier, is the fact that my sisters and brother like him too.

When Mr. Fix it and I went to Bali with La and Mon, we really got on very well. He even made jokes with my sisters. Yes, his bad jokes >_< but luckily my sisters understood that it is a deliberate bad joke so there was no awkward moment happened. Told him that no bad jokes allowed, but he did not listen. Of course. Mon and him even discussed about the construction and building and that kind of stuff. In a way, I am happy that he could encourage my sisters to speak more English.

And he also met si Onyed. Yes, my ex, who is now one of my bestest friend. I am so happy that they talked a lot and shared a lot, and the fact that I have got my best friend’s blessing made me feel complete. And even more, the fact that Mr. Fix-It understood completely the dynamic of my friendship with si Onyed relieved me. I think it is nice to get so much understanding from someone who you’ve chosen to spend your entire life with. That is now a scary thought >_<


Yes, he met the big family.

My aunt told him that it is only the “closest family”. I could hear the sound of his jaw dropped when he learned that there were hundreds of them who did not come to the event. And perhaps, a little bit relieved too. In the event I had to introduce them one by one started from the older generations to the younger ones, and as I have predicted long before the even started, mr. Fix-It has forgotten them the second after the introduction finished.

One of the most excited member of my family was definitely my grandmother. And her sisters (and her sister in law). It is a little bit creepy when they started talking about us and giggled (or cackled – according to Mr. Fix-It), and the exact same reaction every time I translated what he said to them. It reminds me a moment after Mr. Fix It went down on one knee and proposed me in front of the 60 people, my grand aunt whispered to me and asked me to ask him a kiss. What an outrageous request!

And I am glad that Mr. Fix-It likes my family. Maybe one of the reason why I worried about introducing the whole relatives to him was because of the fact that personally I don’t really like being too close with them. Maybe I was afraid that he would rejected them, or vice versa. But now, knowing that everything went well, I am glad it happened the way it happened. Of course if I could turn back the time, there is no way I would let those 60 people came and see me being proposed like that.

I don’t really like being in the spotlight.

Oh well. I guess that is the end of the Mr. Fix-It visit to Indonesia the series. I hope my visit to Wales to meet his parents would go as good as his visit 🙂


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