Blogging Friend (2)


It is not a secret that I have a really bad habit of forgetting to post after awhile, especially when I have been lazing around in Mr. Fix-It’s house. Apparently my laziness has no relation whatsoever with the stupid internet connection. Even in a place with amazing internet connection I still stopped writing and stuff. And that has to come to an end. Don’t you think?

So, anyway, I should come back to this blog and start writing again before my English and my writing skill deteriorate. And since it is my blogging friends are those who reminded me that I should be writing again, I should come back to this topic this entry. Do you mind? Of course you don’t.

Just a day before the arrival of Mr. Fix-It to Indonesia, I accidentally met someone that I have been talking to in the internet. It was definitely a coincidence. I was at a hair salon to get my hair done for a wedding reception I was going to attend that evening, so while I was waiting for the hair to be done, I lurked on Path and found out that she was in the same mall. So I contacted her, which was not so easy because apparently in that mall, the internet network was quite hard to access in a certain area of the mall.

It was that instant.

We had made several attempt to plan a meeting and every time I was in Jakarta, we missed the opportunity, either because of she could not make it, or I could not. Sometimes the best things happened when we did not plan at al. Unfortunately because there was no plan made, I could not meet her girlfriend at the same time as she lives quite far from the mall. There will be next time though 🙂

She said that I was a bit quiet and observant. That’s probably true. But probably because my sister and brother were around and they did not know much about the things I have been writing in this blog most of the time. They came here and read once in a while when I tagged them on facebook or whatever, but most of the time they would not care to come to see this blog. They are not so familiar with the blogging life and internet friendship, so they might not so comfortable with the idea that someone could be so open on the first meeting.

But yes she was right also, I was observing. I did not know what I was expecting when I met her. I read her and her thought only from her blog, but she was much much more wonderful then what I have read. I was so amazed knowing what she’s achieved in her life and kind of envy her in that sense, because listening to her made me realise how little I have acquired in life. It made me realise how little I know about things. Nevertheless it was a really nice meet up.

Stef, this girl I met, was not the first blogging friend I have met. I have met several before her and I could not wait to have more encounters with fabulous people in my online world. How great could that be? I have shared their world for probably more than a good year, and the fact that I could see them in the eyes and see the person behind the words would be very exciting. And, how mr. Fix-It would react towards this blogging friends meet up and stuffs?

The fact that I met him online did not make him insecure. The thing is he understand completely that it is not so easy for me to get new friends if I am not working or studying in this country. And the fact that he has few online friends that he has met in the past made him understand that online friendship even between female and male is very much possible. And I am so glad that he could understand this thing and did not over reacting with stupid jealousy and such.

I will try, in the future not to talk about him so much, since I don’t want to turn this blog into as soppy lovey dovey blog. Trust me, you will find the old me soon enough after this romantic mood gone.

That’s all for today. Have a nice day. Cheers 🙂


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