Guys with The Silly Hats


If it was not because I was ill, I could probably have enjoyed the graduation even more than I did few days ago. Funny because I have never had this kind of excitement for graduation. Not for either my Bachelor Degree and my Master Degree. For, of course, many different reasons.

My bachelor degree graduation ceremony was stupid. We HAD to buy that silly hats and robes, and we HAD to pay massive amount of money for that. It was of course grand and glamorous, like what people always thought about my university, but I could not feel the attachment of five years being there like an unforgettable year I have got in my uni in Norwich.

Probably one of the reason why I was not so excited to go to the graduation ceremony is because most of my friends (ALL of my friends) could not go there. Their reasons vary. From those who by mistake has asked for their degree would be received in absentia, to those who basically has drowned into work and could not go anywhere outside the country, to those who felt that acquiring visa is so much of a chore, to those who claimed to have no money to go to Norwich to receive the award. And those who just did not want to come.

And I was ill. It was one of the terrible illness which made me think of many different scenario of dying. It did not happen. I could easily be more dramatic than this but it would not help my mood right now because my throat is sore and I would rather kill myself than to be reminded of how sore it was. And I am hungry, and I could not eat with this stupid sore throat.

So, the graduation….

My parents decided not to come. The said they would save the visit for when I got married to Mr. Fix-It. Fair enough… So, instead of them, Mr. Fix-It came to the ceremony to witness me in a silly robe and a silly hat. As for that day, I did not feel silly wearing those hired gown. I felt embarrassingly proud in those unusual outfit.

I was, of course, anxious and feeling sickeningly ill, but then it did not stop me from wearing high heels which in the end of the day, I took off while we were walking back to Mr. Fix-It’s car. I could not stop coughing, and clapping at the same time, and somehow I realised that the speech in this ceremony was so much much much more interesting to hear.

Graduation speech with a splash of intellectual British humour.

Not just an old guy in the podium reading a sheet of speech and wobbling his head in the end of every sentence. Or the annoying parents representation who tried too hard to make himself cool in front of his son’s entire alma mater. Or the poor student representation who looked as if she was going to faint out of the anxiety.


It was not that complicated.

Just a speech, and the award giving, and then the champagne.

And everybody happy.

Or at least I would be happy with that, if it was not because of the sore throat which became worse and worse after being so tired under the heat of the summer sun. Where’s the British summer when you need them?

But it was a good day. And I am glad I was there. And I am glad Mr. Fix-It came with me there. And I am glad some of my friends could see it online (I swear I did not know that it could be seen live, online). And I am glad I am here.




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