Mid Year Assessment


I think I have started to make a new tradition for me to start a year with a list of resolution to be achieved, and assess it in the middle and in the end of the year. This year is no exception, so let’s start.

Uhm… No, I have not make any income yet. That’s a bit embarrassing because my sister is now earning her own money now. I can argue that I just graduated, but it was not a really good excuse at all. I think the real reason why I haven’t start finding any job or working on any business is because of the uncertainty in my life. I am not sure yet if I am going to live in Indonesia or in England. If I am going to live in England, would I be living in Norwich or Wales? If I am going to live in Indonesia, would it be in Jakarta, Solo, or Bali? This location problem itself has prevent me from trying to find out a suitable job.

Yes, I could have start an online business. I am more than happy to find a job or a business that can be done online, so it would be irrelevant where I would live in the future, I could earn from home. However, this is not an easy thing to achieve, it would take ages before a blog or any online business start to earn steadily. So yeah…

Lose weight…


I have started a diet program with my friend few month ago when I was in Indonesia. It was an intense weight loss program, and my target was A LOT. And I was able to shed few kilograms before i finally gained some again. It is a bit upsetting though how hard it is to lose weight without actually harming myself.

About travelling?

I went to Bali with Mr. Fix-It. It is actually the first time I went to anywhere with him. It is too bad that we did not have enough time to explore other places in Indonesia. Maybe next time if we had more holiday time, I could bring him to a more local places in Indonesia. I have travelled back to Norwich, and it was such a nostalgic experience and it was also the first time I was in the coach with Mr. Fix-It.

Books and films? I think I have done better in this one. Although I have to admit I haven’t really gone to any museums until now. It is a bit scary because I believe there are some good museums in Indonesia and I haven’t gone to any of those places. Sad. But yes, since the beginning of this year I have at least read few good books. I definitely finished Alice’s Adventure in the Wonderland, and The Great Gatsby to begin with, and The Witch from Portobello. I have watched few good films, and made reviews about them.

I think so far this year haven’t been too bad for me. I have got engaged so far, got graduated too, and am back in Norwich even for a short period of time. I am now in a very good terms with my family (including my parents… surprisingly), and have maintained some friendships. I think I have done good enough.

However, I still have some months to go before the end of the year. Could I be better? Could I do better? Let’s see…


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