Summer Cleaning


Trust me, this time I am not bulshitting when I am saying that I have been busy these few days. Apparently after a decade of nesting, Mr. Fix-It decided that this summer is the best time to do the cleaning. He thought it might be a good idea to chuck away some stuffs and make room for me and my stuffs, for when finally I could move in with him. However, ten years hoarding made it hard for us to really clean up everything. I could least stuffs that has gone to the skip few last weekend: at least a couple of broken chairs, an exercise bike, at last two broken laptop, a broken bookshelves, a silly amount of old clothes, tons of holey unpaired socks, and a bike.

I haven’t yet rummaged the kitchen cupboards, and I know that there would be few pans, and dozens of dinning wares I would replace with the new ones. I would also throw away the expired herb and spices. I could never believe that there were immense amount of herbs and spices in the larder which have been expired more than three years ago. I have even seen the Cheyenne Pepper which has been expired since 2005. I don’t know how could he live with so much mess in the kitchen.

Of course I have managed to make him clean the kitchen for me. He has cleared the counter top to give me space to prepare cooking, and clean whatever he could to make it more comfortable for me to cook in the kitchen. It included throwing away more than half alien relics which has been in the fridge for… ever. That was okay, and as a thank you gesture I cooked for him some asian food, which he liked a lot. It is funny that he kept mentioning how his tongue likes Asian food more than western food, and how he likes vegetables now than ever because I made vegetables edible.

Again… I don’t know how he lived his live for these years if he never ate vegetables and fruits.

I think what he needs to do next is to move some stuffs to a better place and make space for another stuffs. For example, to move a set of drawer to my wardrobe, so I could clear up some boxes which he could use to store his electronic stuffs better. And probably get some new bookshelves so I could find a place to put my books away. I have dozens of books scattered around the house this moment and it doesn’t feel right.

The other thing that is also a little bit urgent is shoe rack. I know that for him it probably is not too important, because I think as a man he doesn’t have a special connection with his shoes, but I am a girl and I like my shoes organised. SO there, sue me for loving my shoes! And also a dresser or a vanity table for me, I definitely need that. I am tired of having my skincare lies on the ground and me sitting on the carpet while doing my daily and nightly skin care rituals. That is wrong.

One thing that makes it less tiring for me is that Mr. Fix-It doesn’t mind doing the laundry and washing up once in a while. I think that would help a lot in the future because those are the stuffs I hate the most since it made my hands dry.

Oops… it is raining outside. Time to crawl under the blanket and have a nice nap soon.



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