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It has never occurred to me that flies exist in this country. And when they are here swarming the house, it was so much worse than flies in Indonesia. I am not exaggerating at all. It is everywhere, and I haven’t seen so much flies for ages since the residential area in our neighbourhood has already been built properly.

And I blamed the summer for this nuisance.

I could never believed that I had to spend the whole day chasing the flies around and kill it. The worse is the fact that I cannot use the insect spray in the kitchen, where the flies swarm the worst.

Now the house is full of fly traps, from the sticky paper ones, the home made bottle fly trap, to the living and pretty awesome yet scary venus fly trap plants. Hopefully these pests would go away soon, because it makes me feel very uncomfortable 😦


An Ex Rhapsody


This is my fourth attempt to write this entry. Been typing and deleting and could not find the best way to say it more tactfully, so I ask for apologise in the beginning if there is anything in this entry which makes anybody feel uncomfortable.

Or just simply skip this entry and read another if you think you would not be able to handle this.

But I am going to say it anyway, but since picture paints a thousand words, I will start this entry with a lot of pictures. I have been seeing these everywhere…


Which… I couldn’t see the point.

If I were these people’s exes and saw these people posted this on their facebook page, or path or twitter timeline, or their blog, I would laugh my arse out because it just meant three things for me.

1. I am lucky I have broken up with a sour miserable meanie who couldn’t see anybody else be happy. I would be glad to get rid of someone who is so bitter and twisted and so superficial that all she could see was how ugly my new partner was, and not how happy we were. Maybe this person did not realise how she has announced to the world how superficial and fragile she was just by doing this. Her friends might just liked her status and said: “totally!!” but that’s what girlfriends do. Nobody would dare to mention to her how that new ugly woman has been doing in opening her new restaurant chain, or how she was invited in the important world leader meeting for the education for children in the poorest area of the world. Nope. All you see was how ugly she was.

2. I could just screen shot that page, and show it to everybody just for a laugh how my ex haven’t yet move on even after I have got a new partner. How bitter and broken hearted they felt after I left her and how it makes them feel happy to feel a little bit superior afterwards. Bless… I guaranteed this post would earn so many pity from other women and lots more laughs from other blokes. Or better, I could show that to my new partner and pick my ex’s best picture and showed her that too, and said very very very passionately: “And dear, I chose you over her… every time”. And guess who would score tonight?

3. You couldn’t understand that if your ex actually dated someone uglier than you it was a bit of an insult. I think it is a human nature to leave something to get something better. I think it is normal that people tried to come closer to a perfection. I mean, if you broke up with your ex, unless you are an Adelle-follower, I believe you would have some intention to find someone better than them, wouldn’t you? Then if they chose someone uglier than you (or far uglier than you) physically… Keep in mind that YOU must be UGLIER somewhere else. And that’s exactly why I complained to si Onyed when she dated that banana-faced girl.

Have you got my point?

I know that breaking up is hard to do. And as you might have known I had been in a terrible break up more than a year ago. And it was so easy to bitch about him at that time because the wound was new and it was painful, but to hold grudge and thinking of a revenge is more silly than anything else. What are you? Twelve?

Or even if you are twelve. Come on, you would have a lot more to be in the future than just a pretty face with bitter and twisted delusion that your ex would one day be sorry for letting you go. He would not. And even if he was, it is no longer your business. He is an ex. Unless you and this person are now friends, and that means it would be your job to make sure they wouldn’t end up with a bad person. And you can be better than being a sour miserable ex whom everybody laugh at behind your back.

Move on.

And be happy.

That’s what experiences have taught me.

A Review or A Spoiler



Sometimes, writing review could be the hardest thing to do for me. I always wanted to tell how good or how bad a film is, or probably how inspiring a book could be for me, but I don’t want to spoil the fun for other people who has not got the chance to watch or read the story. However, I don’t think many people has the same principal.

I don’t like spoiler.

Probably that is one of the reason I don’t really fancy reading reviews on blogs. I don’t mind reading reviews written by a professional, but reading amateur reviews could sometimes be a pain in the bottom for they never cared about warning the readers if they have spoiler in the article. This is too bad because sometimes the amateur reviews are more objective since they are not get paid for writing a comment for a film, but sometimes they don’t understand how people don’t want to know the ending, or the surprise, or what the twist in the crime story, or who’s the killer, or warnings about when the monsters would come out of the closet,

Don’t need them.

Don’t want them.

And if you do have to spoil something, please write **SPOILER WARNING**, BEFORE the review. Because normally people don’t read word by word. They would just skim the whole paragraph and suddenly they’ve got spoiled. And that wasn’t the best feeling in the world either.

I might not be the best reviewer in the world. I used to write the synopsis of the story before reviewed it. However writing synopsis could end up spoiling in a way, so I stopped doing that now. I know that sometimes I could accidentally spoil something, but I tried not to just blurt out with the important details of the film or series or whatever. And I know it is hard to hold your fingers not to type the whole interesting stuffs you’ve seen in the screen or you read in the book, but that’s why some people are well paid as a reviewer. Because they’re good at it.

I remember years ago when I was active in a forum (not that which claimed itself as the Indonesia biggest forum — which for me was a crappy forum), we were exchanging information about good films. One of the hardest job for the moderator on the film and tv moderator was to get these spoilers the necessary warnings and delete the spoilers in the thread. Not only it means that they have to read all the thread, and the fact that there are a lot of ignorant forum members at that time, but it also means they have to read the spoilers. I bet their life sucks because all the film and tv series they watched have all been spoiled before.

I am so sorry for them.

Yet, there are so little appreciation to these forum moderators.


I don’t want to be a grumpy annoying and criticising PMS-ing woman just because of simple things like this. However, sometimes something which you think of simple and unimportant for you, might be a big thing for someone else. I could give a lot of examples but, one of my friends literally unfriended and blocked his friends because they regularly posted comments about films which contained spoilers in their facebook walls. Did I think of it as “oh that’s a bit rough, isn’t it?”?

Not really.

Like what I have said. Something which probably nothing for you could be a big thing for others. For me it is the BBM broadcast messages. I have deleted my own cousin from my BB list just because of that.

So, if you find any spoilers in my entries, and you care about it, please let me know. Leave a comment or simply send me an email if you want to keep anonymous. Thank you for caring.


Museum Review: The Strangers’ Hall


The Strangers’ Hall
Address: 4 Charing Cross, Norwich, NR 2 4AL

If I weren’t there with my soon to be sister in law, it would probably harder to find the place. The strangers’ hall was hidden between buildings in the charring cross road and you would have to climb up the stairs to get to the heavy door which you need to open yourself. It is not the usual kind of museum facade you usually see, you would never guess that this is a museum.

It is a museum indeed, and the only reason why it kept the facade like that is because they want to keep the old house as authentic as it was before. And it was amazing.

This is what you would see in this place: a lot of authentic items from 18-19 centuries. I could never tell the difference but if you are interested in this kind of things, a visit to this place is definitely worth the efforts. Even more if you are interested in the pretty things from victorian age, and wood works. You would easily feel the luxurious living of people who were living in that fancy house.

The people who works in the museum were very helpful. If you came to the strangers’ hall to learn something, you could ask people with the badge about things and they would tell you about the stuffs there and the history behind that article. If you came to this museum with kids and worried that they would get bored because the place was old and not the kind of modern museum like those in London, there were different kind of interactive stuffs they can do in this place.

There are three different activity rooms in this museum. One was empty when I was there and I am not sure what it was for. The other activity room is the drawing and colouring room and even I had fun in that particular area of this museum. The last one is the playing room; which probably was a playing room in the past as well, and there were a lot of toys to play with just in case you have a very young child which could not be bothered with history and the fun of knowing new stuffs (means: you have a silly spoiled little brat who you could just leave there with some unlucky fellow while you’re exploring the house). And in the middle of the reception area, you would find a kind of dining table with a man in a costume who would entertain your kids with informative game.

Yes, you need to pay to enter the museum. Unlike the museums in London, the museums in Norwich is not free, unfortunately. However if you are interested in seeing things in Norwich, this visit worth the £3. I would definitely bring my folks to this place when they come to visit me another time.

Meet The Parents


Last weekend I went up to Wales to meet Mr. Fix-It parents. I would love to let you know where they live but I honestly forgot the name of the place, and the fact that the name of the places in Wales are not so easy to read nor write doesn’t help with my memory at all. So forgive me that I could not provide enough information about the place, which I think wouldn’t be so relevant to this post after all.

In a good day, it would take around four hours from Norwich to Wales, however the fact that Mr. Fix-It would need to stop after some times to get refreshed (coffee and cigarettes) makes the journey last a little bit longer. I was well prepared with two stripes of Antimo from Indonesia. First of all, I knew I would feel a bit sick because of the journey, and second, I couldn’t just sleep and leave Mr. Fix-It drive by himself all the way there. And the second of all, I wouldn’t be able to just buy something like that in this country. However, the anti road sick pills worked.

I never had many problems with road sickness before. Two years ago I had a severe road sick because of the terrible driver. But I think this time it is because of Mr. Fix-It’s car was the small car which was not made for cross country road trip. Not good.

The village where Mr. Fix-It live was practically in the middle of nowhere. You have to drive around half an hour to get to the nearest towns. And I could tell you that those are not big towns either. Norwich is not the biggest city in the UK, but those towns are nothing to compare to Norwich. While you could just walk to the nearest corner shop in Norwich, you would have to drive around ten minutes to get to the nearest shop.

Maybe if you are planning to save your money, you would be successful if you are living in this place. You literally cannot shop.

However, this village is a beauty. I would have to say that I have never seen the scenery as beautiful as it was. The green hill, the greyish blue sky, the scent of the grass and compost. I am not too surprise to see herds of sheep and goats since we have plenty in Indonesia. And the fact that when I was young I have seen them from close range, made me not to alien to this animals.

And yes, Mr. Fix-It parents, Mike and Sue have a farm at the top of the hill in the village. You had to drive a rough road which was not only small but also steep. When you arrived there, you would be greeted by four monstrosity in the shape of dogs. Don’t get me wrong. These dogs are very friendly. They are loud and all, but they are very friendly. All they need was a hug and a scratch in their head. Of course, it wouldn’t be so easy as they are way bigger than I am.

If you think you know farm life after playing hay day, or farmville, or whatever farming games you have got on your facebook apps… it is not what you think it is. It is hell!! Feeding goats and sheep is not the same with clicking feeder buttons on the screen, feeding the chickens and the ducks could be dangerous because those animals could just attack you without warning. And you also need to clean up the farm because those beasts crap everywhere.

However, the experience of the farm life is not as exciting as meeting Mike and Sue. They are awesome.

They are almost as old as my father but they are just the opposite of my father. They run the farm themselves, but I think they would have to find someone to help them looking after the farm. They wouldn’t be able to do that by themselves, and I guess my man would have to go up there to help them one day.

This is a bit terrifying for me because as much as I enjoy a bit of holiday up there, I am not really looking forward to move to North Wales. I do like Norwich, you know. I probably am not the big city girl, and I don’t want London life like some of my friends do. However getting detached from the kind of civilisation I know was a bit of a challenge for me. That place up there has worse mobile network and internet connection compared to Solo. Can you imagine how miserable I could be in that place?

But I like Mike and Sue. Mr. Fix-It insisted that I would have to call his parents with their name, so I would try to get used to the idea of calling someone who is as old as my father with their first name. And according to Mr. Fix-It, they like me too. Which is awesome because it means the marriage stuffs would be so much easier with their blessings.

It was fun weekend.


Summer Cold


It is funny that you could survive the winter, the snowy evening, the hail and the below zero temperature without feeling ill, and suddenly when the sun is shining brightly and the wind is blowing breezes, suddenly you caught a cold.

The thing is, summer cold and winter cold is just the same thing. It is caused by the same kind of virus. The difference is that the cold feels so much worse because it is warm outside and you had to be in the house under the blanket to make your cold go away. And I don’t particularly like that idea. What makes me not feeling too miserable is that I was not alone when I got the summer cold.

AK had it too.


I know I should not be happy that my friend caught a cold. However we were miles apart and yet I could infect her with a awful cold. Well, it wasn’t good really, because it makes her not able to go to London after we finally agreed on a date to meet up there. Sorry…

London is one of the best place to go on a day trip really. I have to admit that it was always nice to go to the Museums around there and look at the stuffs, that although I have seen before, still as awesome as the first time I saw it. I loved being there, but that before I realised the difference between the museums in the winter and the museums in the summer.

Summer is one hell of a season for me. Not only the cold was worse, the museums, which were supposed to be awesome turned out horrible. I lived in a country which has sun shining through out the year, so I could not relate the sunshine, and what people reacts to it. And apparently when the sun shines, in the UK, as the British Summer is short and rare, kids and parents, young and old people are swarming the cities. And they are swarming the museums too.


Maybe it sounds pathetic, but honestly, as an Indonesian, I have never, in my life had been in a crowded museum in Indonesia. Not that I have been in many museums in Indonesia. I have been to some museums when I was young, with the school trips. But even then, with hundreds of students from my school the museums looked somewhat empty compared to the last time I visited Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Maybe I am not a summer person.

I just realised that no matter how much I love summer dresses I hate the heat. Seriously, if I do really like the sun I would choose being in Indonesia under the tropical sun. The thing is I don’t enjoy the sun, the UV, the heat and everything. I like the flower and shit but please, the bugs which are coming with it? Not worth it. And the summer cold. And the kids running around everywhere…

I miss winter…