Summer Cold


It is funny that you could survive the winter, the snowy evening, the hail and the below zero temperature without feeling ill, and suddenly when the sun is shining brightly and the wind is blowing breezes, suddenly you caught a cold.

The thing is, summer cold and winter cold is just the same thing. It is caused by the same kind of virus. The difference is that the cold feels so much worse because it is warm outside and you had to be in the house under the blanket to make your cold go away. And I don’t particularly like that idea. What makes me not feeling too miserable is that I was not alone when I got the summer cold.

AK had it too.


I know I should not be happy that my friend caught a cold. However we were miles apart and yet I could infect her with a awful cold. Well, it wasn’t good really, because it makes her not able to go to London after we finally agreed on a date to meet up there. Sorry…

London is one of the best place to go on a day trip really. I have to admit that it was always nice to go to the Museums around there and look at the stuffs, that although I have seen before, still as awesome as the first time I saw it. I loved being there, but that before I realised the difference between the museums in the winter and the museums in the summer.

Summer is one hell of a season for me. Not only the cold was worse, the museums, which were supposed to be awesome turned out horrible. I lived in a country which has sun shining through out the year, so I could not relate the sunshine, and what people reacts to it. And apparently when the sun shines, in the UK, as the British Summer is short and rare, kids and parents, young and old people are swarming the cities. And they are swarming the museums too.


Maybe it sounds pathetic, but honestly, as an Indonesian, I have never, in my life had been in a crowded museum in Indonesia. Not that I have been in many museums in Indonesia. I have been to some museums when I was young, with the school trips. But even then, with hundreds of students from my school the museums looked somewhat empty compared to the last time I visited Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Maybe I am not a summer person.

I just realised that no matter how much I love summer dresses I hate the heat. Seriously, if I do really like the sun I would choose being in Indonesia under the tropical sun. The thing is I don’t enjoy the sun, the UV, the heat and everything. I like the flower and shit but please, the bugs which are coming with it? Not worth it. And the summer cold. And the kids running around everywhere…

I miss winter…


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  2. Winter people unite!! It is my favorite season even before I knew what real winter was like. And it’s still is. You should have seen me that morning I woke up and we had heavy snow… it was like Christmas morning for me.


    • Yes, the fact that you live further down there makes the winter wasn’t as evil as the winter up here. But no arguments about which season is the better one here…


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