Meet The Parents


Last weekend I went up to Wales to meet Mr. Fix-It parents. I would love to let you know where they live but I honestly forgot the name of the place, and the fact that the name of the places in Wales are not so easy to read nor write doesn’t help with my memory at all. So forgive me that I could not provide enough information about the place, which I think wouldn’t be so relevant to this post after all.

In a good day, it would take around four hours from Norwich to Wales, however the fact that Mr. Fix-It would need to stop after some times to get refreshed (coffee and cigarettes) makes the journey last a little bit longer. I was well prepared with two stripes of Antimo from Indonesia. First of all, I knew I would feel a bit sick because of the journey, and second, I couldn’t just sleep and leave Mr. Fix-It drive by himself all the way there. And the second of all, I wouldn’t be able to just buy something like that in this country. However, the anti road sick pills worked.

I never had many problems with road sickness before. Two years ago I had a severe road sick because of the terrible driver. But I think this time it is because of Mr. Fix-It’s car was the small car which was not made for cross country road trip. Not good.

The village where Mr. Fix-It live was practically in the middle of nowhere. You have to drive around half an hour to get to the nearest towns. And I could tell you that those are not big towns either. Norwich is not the biggest city in the UK, but those towns are nothing to compare to Norwich. While you could just walk to the nearest corner shop in Norwich, you would have to drive around ten minutes to get to the nearest shop.

Maybe if you are planning to save your money, you would be successful if you are living in this place. You literally cannot shop.

However, this village is a beauty. I would have to say that I have never seen the scenery as beautiful as it was. The green hill, the greyish blue sky, the scent of the grass and compost. I am not too surprise to see herds of sheep and goats since we have plenty in Indonesia. And the fact that when I was young I have seen them from close range, made me not to alien to this animals.

And yes, Mr. Fix-It parents, Mike and Sue have a farm at the top of the hill in the village. You had to drive a rough road which was not only small but also steep. When you arrived there, you would be greeted by four monstrosity in the shape of dogs. Don’t get me wrong. These dogs are very friendly. They are loud and all, but they are very friendly. All they need was a hug and a scratch in their head. Of course, it wouldn’t be so easy as they are way bigger than I am.

If you think you know farm life after playing hay day, or farmville, or whatever farming games you have got on your facebook apps… it is not what you think it is. It is hell!! Feeding goats and sheep is not the same with clicking feeder buttons on the screen, feeding the chickens and the ducks could be dangerous because those animals could just attack you without warning. And you also need to clean up the farm because those beasts crap everywhere.

However, the experience of the farm life is not as exciting as meeting Mike and Sue. They are awesome.

They are almost as old as my father but they are just the opposite of my father. They run the farm themselves, but I think they would have to find someone to help them looking after the farm. They wouldn’t be able to do that by themselves, and I guess my man would have to go up there to help them one day.

This is a bit terrifying for me because as much as I enjoy a bit of holiday up there, I am not really looking forward to move to North Wales. I do like Norwich, you know. I probably am not the big city girl, and I don’t want London life like some of my friends do. However getting detached from the kind of civilisation I know was a bit of a challenge for me. That place up there has worse mobile network and internet connection compared to Solo. Can you imagine how miserable I could be in that place?

But I like Mike and Sue. Mr. Fix-It insisted that I would have to call his parents with their name, so I would try to get used to the idea of calling someone who is as old as my father with their first name. And according to Mr. Fix-It, they like me too. Which is awesome because it means the marriage stuffs would be so much easier with their blessings.

It was fun weekend.



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