Museum Review: The Strangers’ Hall


The Strangers’ Hall
Address: 4 Charing Cross, Norwich, NR 2 4AL

If I weren’t there with my soon to be sister in law, it would probably harder to find the place. The strangers’ hall was hidden between buildings in the charring cross road and you would have to climb up the stairs to get to the heavy door which you need to open yourself. It is not the usual kind of museum facade you usually see, you would never guess that this is a museum.

It is a museum indeed, and the only reason why it kept the facade like that is because they want to keep the old house as authentic as it was before. And it was amazing.

This is what you would see in this place: a lot of authentic items from 18-19 centuries. I could never tell the difference but if you are interested in this kind of things, a visit to this place is definitely worth the efforts. Even more if you are interested in the pretty things from victorian age, and wood works. You would easily feel the luxurious living of people who were living in that fancy house.

The people who works in the museum were very helpful. If you came to the strangers’ hall to learn something, you could ask people with the badge about things and they would tell you about the stuffs there and the history behind that article. If you came to this museum with kids and worried that they would get bored because the place was old and not the kind of modern museum like those in London, there were different kind of interactive stuffs they can do in this place.

There are three different activity rooms in this museum. One was empty when I was there and I am not sure what it was for. The other activity room is the drawing and colouring room and even I had fun in that particular area of this museum. The last one is the playing room; which probably was a playing room in the past as well, and there were a lot of toys to play with just in case you have a very young child which could not be bothered with history and the fun of knowing new stuffs (means: you have a silly spoiled little brat who you could just leave there with some unlucky fellow while you’re exploring the house). And in the middle of the reception area, you would find a kind of dining table with a man in a costume who would entertain your kids with informative game.

Yes, you need to pay to enter the museum. Unlike the museums in London, the museums in Norwich is not free, unfortunately. However if you are interested in seeing things in Norwich, this visit worth the £3. I would definitely bring my folks to this place when they come to visit me another time.


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