A Review or A Spoiler



Sometimes, writing review could be the hardest thing to do for me. I always wanted to tell how good or how bad a film is, or probably how inspiring a book could be for me, but I don’t want to spoil the fun for other people who has not got the chance to watch or read the story. However, I don’t think many people has the same principal.

I don’t like spoiler.

Probably that is one of the reason I don’t really fancy reading reviews on blogs. I don’t mind reading reviews written by a professional, but reading amateur reviews could sometimes be a pain in the bottom for they never cared about warning the readers if they have spoiler in the article. This is too bad because sometimes the amateur reviews are more objective since they are not get paid for writing a comment for a film, but sometimes they don’t understand how people don’t want to know the ending, or the surprise, or what the twist in the crime story, or who’s the killer, or warnings about when the monsters would come out of the closet,

Don’t need them.

Don’t want them.

And if you do have to spoil something, please write **SPOILER WARNING**, BEFORE the review. Because normally people don’t read word by word. They would just skim the whole paragraph and suddenly they’ve got spoiled. And that wasn’t the best feeling in the world either.

I might not be the best reviewer in the world. I used to write the synopsis of the story before reviewed it. However writing synopsis could end up spoiling in a way, so I stopped doing that now. I know that sometimes I could accidentally spoil something, but I tried not to just blurt out with the important details of the film or series or whatever. And I know it is hard to hold your fingers not to type the whole interesting stuffs you’ve seen in the screen or you read in the book, but that’s why some people are well paid as a reviewer. Because they’re good at it.

I remember years ago when I was active in a forum (not that which claimed itself as the Indonesia biggest forum — which for me was a crappy forum), we were exchanging information about good films. One of the hardest job for the moderator on the film and tv moderator was to get these spoilers the necessary warnings and delete the spoilers in the thread. Not only it means that they have to read all the thread, and the fact that there are a lot of ignorant forum members at that time, but it also means they have to read the spoilers. I bet their life sucks because all the film and tv series they watched have all been spoiled before.

I am so sorry for them.

Yet, there are so little appreciation to these forum moderators.


I don’t want to be a grumpy annoying and criticising PMS-ing woman just because of simple things like this. However, sometimes something which you think of simple and unimportant for you, might be a big thing for someone else. I could give a lot of examples but, one of my friends literally unfriended and blocked his friends because they regularly posted comments about films which contained spoilers in their facebook walls. Did I think of it as “oh that’s a bit rough, isn’t it?”?

Not really.

Like what I have said. Something which probably nothing for you could be a big thing for others. For me it is the BBM broadcast messages. I have deleted my own cousin from my BB list just because of that.

So, if you find any spoilers in my entries, and you care about it, please let me know. Leave a comment or simply send me an email if you want to keep anonymous. Thank you for caring.



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