An Ex Rhapsody


This is my fourth attempt to write this entry. Been typing and deleting and could not find the best way to say it more tactfully, so I ask for apologise in the beginning if there is anything in this entry which makes anybody feel uncomfortable.

Or just simply skip this entry and read another if you think you would not be able to handle this.

But I am going to say it anyway, but since picture paints a thousand words, I will start this entry with a lot of pictures. I have been seeing these everywhere…


Which… I couldn’t see the point.

If I were these people’s exes and saw these people posted this on their facebook page, or path or twitter timeline, or their blog, I would laugh my arse out because it just meant three things for me.

1. I am lucky I have broken up with a sour miserable meanie who couldn’t see anybody else be happy. I would be glad to get rid of someone who is so bitter and twisted and so superficial that all she could see was how ugly my new partner was, and not how happy we were. Maybe this person did not realise how she has announced to the world how superficial and fragile she was just by doing this. Her friends might just liked her status and said: “totally!!” but that’s what girlfriends do. Nobody would dare to mention to her how that new ugly woman has been doing in opening her new restaurant chain, or how she was invited in the important world leader meeting for the education for children in the poorest area of the world. Nope. All you see was how ugly she was.

2. I could just screen shot that page, and show it to everybody just for a laugh how my ex haven’t yet move on even after I have got a new partner. How bitter and broken hearted they felt after I left her and how it makes them feel happy to feel a little bit superior afterwards. Bless… I guaranteed this post would earn so many pity from other women and lots more laughs from other blokes. Or better, I could show that to my new partner and pick my ex’s best picture and showed her that too, and said very very very passionately: “And dear, I chose you over her… every time”. And guess who would score tonight?

3. You couldn’t understand that if your ex actually dated someone uglier than you it was a bit of an insult. I think it is a human nature to leave something to get something better. I think it is normal that people tried to come closer to a perfection. I mean, if you broke up with your ex, unless you are an Adelle-follower, I believe you would have some intention to find someone better than them, wouldn’t you? Then if they chose someone uglier than you (or far uglier than you) physically… Keep in mind that YOU must be UGLIER somewhere else. And that’s exactly why I complained to si Onyed when she dated that banana-faced girl.

Have you got my point?

I know that breaking up is hard to do. And as you might have known I had been in a terrible break up more than a year ago. And it was so easy to bitch about him at that time because the wound was new and it was painful, but to hold grudge and thinking of a revenge is more silly than anything else. What are you? Twelve?

Or even if you are twelve. Come on, you would have a lot more to be in the future than just a pretty face with bitter and twisted delusion that your ex would one day be sorry for letting you go. He would not. And even if he was, it is no longer your business. He is an ex. Unless you and this person are now friends, and that means it would be your job to make sure they wouldn’t end up with a bad person. And you can be better than being a sour miserable ex whom everybody laugh at behind your back.

Move on.

And be happy.

That’s what experiences have taught me.


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