It has never occurred to me that flies exist in this country. And when they are here swarming the house, it was so much worse than flies in Indonesia. I am not exaggerating at all. It is everywhere, and I haven’t seen so much flies for ages since the residential area in our neighbourhood has already been built properly.

And I blamed the summer for this nuisance.

I could never believed that I had to spend the whole day chasing the flies around and kill it. The worse is the fact that I cannot use the insect spray in the kitchen, where the flies swarm the worst.

Now the house is full of fly traps, from the sticky paper ones, the home made bottle fly trap, to the living and pretty awesome yet scary venus fly trap plants. Hopefully these pests would go away soon, because it makes me feel very uncomfortable 😦


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  1. I recently encountered this problem myself, so I can relate :p summer sucks… (And yeah, I thought flies don’t exist here either) luckily the uni residence hall is quite insect free and I don’t have to put up so many defensive measures against flies


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