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License To Bitch


Twitter is the best media for anyone to rant. I like twitter. Sometimes I went there just to suck all the negativity and turn it into an inspirational blog entry. How cool is that?

I was exaggerating, just in case you couldn’t tell.

Anyway, not so long time ago, I saw a twit from a friend, who ranted about an ugly girl who was being arrogant, or conceited. Well, this girl used different term. She said “stuck up”, so I had to google to find out the meaning of this colloquial word. Basically, she said that in a pretty girl, arrogance is a common trait, but she said she couldn’t understand how an ugly girl did it with the same kind of attitude.

My first thought and was almost my first reaction was to hit the “retweet” button. However, now I am glad that I did not do that. I stopped before I actually posted that.


Is it true that being overly conceited and arrogant is a common trait in pretty girls? Does it mean that if someone was pretty then it would be more acceptable for her to be a bitch? Does it mean that it is okay for a pretty girl to treat someone badly because she is pretty? If the answer is no, then why we reacted worse when an ugly girl was being nasty to us?

Some people came up with the idea that somehow people would forgive nastiness as long as there is something else that compromise it. For example pretty faces. However, the ugly people has to balance it out with good attitude to make them more agreeable.

However, for me, bitchiness is all about power play.

When I was studying I was told that there are several things that is considered as the source of power. Some people said that knowledge is power, some other believes that money is power. Queen Cersei said, power is power (which she referred to political power). Superheroes might think that strength is power. But maybe, this friend of mine, subconsciously think that beauty equals power.

With power, you could do things that most people couldn’t do. For the beautiful women, they would have the power over men (or women), to make them do things for them, more than the ugly women could. For the rich people, they would have the power to buy stuffs, and sometimes to buy people — more than those who are poor. The strong people have the power to do lots of things that the weak couldn’t.

However, sometimes the acknowledgement about the power did not come with the of an understanding of responsibility. Sometimes, some people who suddenly was gifted with power couldn’t handle the responsibility which come with it. You could see from those who just became rich, whom Indonesian people refers as “orang kaya baru” or newly rich guy. They would boast, buy stupid stuffs, because they just want to show people their wealth, just in case nobody noticed. You could also see those commoners who has just got appointed as public service officers. I could guarantee, at least 70% of them would abuse their position.

I call this a license to bitch.

It is the attitude of most of us, who is more permissive to people with power to do nasty things around us. Almost no police officer would stop and fine the high class politicians or a parliament member’s car which was in the bus lane. Boys treats the pretty girls better in school, and vice versa. Talent came second at any talent show because sometimes networking and look gave these people better votes.

We let these happen.


OS Review: iOS7


I was supposed to do this last week, when I updated my OS. However, since I wanted to be consistent with my Saturday reviews, I decided to post the review today. While giving it a week of trial.

It took ages to download the iOS7. However this might be because of the wifi connection where I live sucks and I wouldn’t use that as a reason to hate the OS. Because apparently I love the changes although I haven’t get around yet. But it takes time to get everything at hands, especially with the big hoo-hah about the blackberry messenger for iOS release. So, what’s new?

The swipey slidey unlocky thingy has changed, simplified and looked more modern. What do I know about modern look? The phone keypad are now circles, instead of squares. New apps icon for pictures folder, and a whole new camera apps. New settings layout. And now you have a control centre which allows you to turn on and off your flightmode, wifi, bluetooth, do not disturb, and rotate screen lock – without having to go to the setting. You can also access timer, brightness control, volume control, calculator and camera with one swipe and tap.

I am pretty sure that the calculator is fairly new because in the old iOS you would have to download it from apps store. And now you also have a torch in one tap – in the old iOS you would have to open your camera and turn the flash on to do this.

Notes apps is also new. This doesn’t make me so happy because now I cannot control the font 😦

Yes, iOS7 allows us to change the font size for other apps which is useful for older people and those who doesn’t have 20/20 eye sight. It could help me too reading stuffs in the middle of the night while not wearing my spectacles. But no more marker felt or noteworthy font? I am disappointed!

I don’t know about others, but it slows my LINE POP! I was in the mission to get myself on the league last week and it did not happen, because it slowed down.

But my favourite part and actually the most important part of the changing is the new qwerty pad! It is new, it is shiny, and looks a lot bigger than before. It makes me want to use iMessage instead of whatsapp or the new BBM for iOS (which I did not have at that moment). It made me tweet in the morning.

Do I like the new iOS7? I cannot really tell… the font thingy is such a let down, and I am not even sure that the new keypad could neutralise the disappointment. However, the other things are awesome too, I decided that this could be a great new OS. I like the improvement. I like the new spirit. I like the jealousy of those who are still stuck with their droids or blackberry.

I am feeling fangirly now, it is a sign I should stop reviewing.

Have fun with your new iOS 🙂 Cheers…

OCD: Deddy Corbuzier’s Diet


It is trending now.

Well… I am not that into a diet related trend. When my mother went for that food combining diet, I did not care. When my sister decided that the best was Atkins diet, I did not care. And then not so long time ago, my father came to us and said that he wanted to try the Dedy Corbuzier’s Diet.

OCD, Obsessive Corbuzier’s Diet — is a kind of diet that is re-introduced by Deddy Corbuzier. If you don’t know him, you are most probably not an Indonesian, or haven’t been living in Indonesia for more than two decades. Deddy Corbuzier was popular as a mentalist magician. I vaguely remember that he could be the first mentalist went on television in Indonesia. He was THAT popular.

But I think after a while, his popularity as a magician dropped as magic is no longer a hype in Indonesia he started to host a show called Hitam Putih. I knew this after I came back from the UK, and watched the show and realised something has changed in him. I did not realise anything at the beginning but started to point out several changes. He went bald and he looked thin.

About several weeks ago, the diet became the talk. Everbody said they are going to try that. Some even claimed that it worked for them. So my father thought it must be a good idea to follow the program.

I have nothing against this kind of diet. Different kind of diet works for different people and maybe this would work for my father too. But my father only knew a bit about this diet and doesn’t understand the rest, and I think if it is done wrong, this diet could be very dangerous.

Basically the OCD principal is that you have to fast and can only eat on the allowed hours. You could choose between 8, 6 or 4 hours when you can eat whatever you want. You can eat anything even for the stuff that your nutritionist and doctor said to be avoided because it could be dangerous to your system. OCD says, it is fine.

Maybe it’s true.

However there is something that my father doesn’t understand. The diet says that during the eating hours, you could eat anything — but my father never mentioned that you could eat anything between your calories allowance. I assumed he did not know about his own calories allowance. But, lets say he knows perfectly about his calories allowance, does he know how many calories has he taken in a day?

I don’t believe so.

Who would think that a piece of fried chicken from a restaurant contains the same calories with a cup of fried rice? Who would think that a 30g bag of crisps contains the same calories with a cup of chicken noodle? Nobody, until we carefully read the nutrition facts label behind the packages, or do some research about the food we eat.

Neither does my father.

He thought he’s been doing well, by eating only on the allowed hours, and did some cardio to help him burn some more calories. He probably never realised that he’s been eating more by snacking. Oh that dangerous bugger, snacks is. You wouldn’t realise how many calories you take in by munching two slices of banana fritters, or biscuits, or a scoop of ice cream, or your favourite frappucino. Oh no you wouldn’t.

So, please…

I have nothing against this diet. Even I have to admit I am a bit curious and would probably try to do this too. But I think before we start with this diet, we have to understand at least the basic knowledge of calories and nutritions. I know you don’t have to suffer and eating only brown rice and steamed chicken breast, but knowing what you eat could at least save your from overeating.



I am glad that I am living in the era of technology, where information can be easily spread and accessed, and internet is no longer a luxury. I am happy that now, more and more people are literate. I am happy that the world is evolving to the better.

When I was very young, you don’t just talk to people online. You would hide your identity because you understand that there was danger lurking in every corner of the virtual world. You would never say your real name, or where you really lived. You would never tell people your real age was, or where you went to school. But now, you gathered in a place with your real name, with a bunch of stranger and just throw comments and criticism about a sensitive subjects. People call it freedom of speech, the gift of the digital era.

I encouraged this kind of discussion. I don’t mind at all. I do believe in that, and that’s why I have this blog in the first place.

I just realised lately, that whenever the discussions was heated up, and the arguments went a little bit too far… one of the most common accusation which was brought up was, “RACIST!!”

What is racism really?

I have posted in my blog before that anybody could be a racist. But going around pointing fingers to people saying that they are racist without an apparent reason? Think again.

According to wikipedia (because I am too lazy to find another source):

Racism, also sometimes called racialism, is generally defined as actions, practices, or beliefs that reflect a worldview according to which members of a race share a set of characteristic traits, abilities, or qualities, such as personality, intellect, morality, or other cultural behavioral characteristics and which means that races can be ranked as inherently superior or inferior to others

Without trying to be pedantic about it, I asked you to think again.

If someone attacked you or your idea and made a hate comment by attacking your race, than they were being racist.

But if someone made a nasty comment about your religion or treated you differently because of your beliefs then, they are not a racist. They were discriminating, or blasphemers if you are religious.

If anybody attacked you because of you are a woman, or if they made a disgusting and degrading comment about any woman, they are not being racist too. They were being a dickhead misogynistic bastard.

And if anybody attacked your because of your sexual orientation or treated you badly just because you think you are trapped inside a wrong body, they are not being racist too. They were being a moroning fucktard who needs a kick in their head to make them think straight doing a hate act and speech and in a more civilised country these can be brought to the court and they could be imprisoned for that.

I know that it is a simple think compared to the real issues. I understand that for some people it doesn’t really matter if they have been using the correct terminology or not, as long as their counterpart understand what they were trying to say. But this simple thing is not so simple when it is exposed in public, isn’t it?

We laughed at V*cky — that guy who got engaged to a Dangdut singer, because he had been using “weird” phrases during his interview with the media. We mocked him mercilessly because of his speech during his campaign in KarangAsih. But I think we did that because we believe we know better than him. Because we think we speak better Bahasa Indonesia and English compared to him.

Maybe, when we overly misused the word “racist”, those people who actually understood what that word means were laughing at us the way we laughed at V*cky?

Maybe it started from something simple to reach a perfection. Maybe it started from a lot of practices. And actually that is why I started to write in English in this blog, to practice and practice and expand my vocabulary and improve my writing, and learn.

I am so sorry that today’s entry is not really reflecting the title, but I hope you’ve got my point…

SocMed Missionary


If I should describe my feelings about these social media missionaries, it would be:


But, who are they? What is this social media missionary?

When I was still using Blackberry Messenger, they are those who updated their status with a line or two from their holy book, or a motivational sentences from whoever telling that God this and God that. They are those who updated their profile pictures with photos of beardy guys smiling or a writings in the sky with the light coming from the gap of the cloud. And they call it heaven. And they are those who broadcasted stupid things at least once a week, usually on Sundays. What I have done to them? Ignored the updates, and deleted the broadcaster (they never learned).

And they are on Facebook too. They also updated their status, but longer because they have space to do it. They also posted pictures, and worse, they can do it several times a day. They also post links of prayers, and articles of bullshits. Good job they don’t have the broadcast message features, I would die. What I have done to them? Put them in one group and ask facebook not to send me any feed updates from these people.

So they learn twitter… It is easy. I don’t have to follow them because the best thing about twitter is you don’t have to follow whoever you don’t want to follow, although it is your friend. Or, you can just follow them if they are your mum or dad, or your grandma and you don’t want to hurt their feelings, and mute their account so you don’t have to see their tweets.

But there come Path.

As I have said many times before, but not in this blog, so you probably haven’t seen it, Path is a facebook for the hispters. It’s for those who said facebook sucks and cluttered but treated path just like facebook, even worse. They said that Path is facebook, instagram, foursquare, and twitter combined in one. But they don’t realise that in instagram and twitter you don’t have to follow each other.

You don’t have to see bullshits you don’t want to see.

With Path, you have to deal with it. Everyday.

You can’t mute them. You can’t block them. You can’t ask Path to hide their updates. And what make it worse is that if these people is one of the 150 closest people in your life. You can’t ignore it because it is on your phone, and it flashes every time they say something about their religion.

You know, there are people you love, but you love them when they shut the fuck up about their religion. It is like penis, you know, it is okay to have them, but stop shoving it in front other people. Especially if they have their own.

Maybe they don’t realise that what they are doing is not different from the emo teens who has to update their timeline with sad depressed stuffs. Which is good for them. Which is probably their lifestyle. Which is probably what they believe. But it is disturbing for other peope who don’t give a damn. It makes people uncomfortable, and hate your beliefs because they can’t hate you.

If you want to make people like your religion, be a good representative. Don’t be a dick.


Event Review: SIPA 2013


SIPA, Solo International Performing Arts is an annual event held in Solo since 2010. It is a Performing Arts festival, participated by art performers from all around the world.The event in itself was one of the product of the cultural/city marketing campaign by the former Mayor of Surakarta City, Joko Widodo. And I was so happy that finally I have got the chance to see it in person.

SIPA 2013 would be held in three days, because of our activities I can only go to the first day, the opening day. My sister and I went to the ticketing office (which is not too easy to find if you are not local), and bought a couple of VIP ticket. After we asked the lady who sold me the ticket, we chose the seat in the middle, hoping that we would be able to see the stage from the centre view. Had been so excited until we eventually came to the venue.

Benteng Vastenburg, which was chosen as the venue of the event was a very historical city landmark in Solo. Actually it was a perfect place to do this outdoor performance, if not because of the local religious community who shouted outside using a megaphone, disturbing the whole performance. But that was not even the worse.

The officials who had been expected to deliver the opening speech came fairly late, the committee, I guessed, had to modify the schedule by asking some groups to perform before the opening ceremony. And when these important people came, they entered the venue while the performance was going on, and because of the seating layout they blocked out the whole VIP guests. Not only that, these VVIP guests walked out before the event finished, and again went out during the performance, and again, blocked out the view from the VIP seats. I was hoping they were going to make that quick, but of course I was wrong… they would have to do the air kisses and a long goodbyes which makes the blockings even longer. Thank you very much.

What bothered me the most was the camera in the middle of the way. Why do they have to have a camera man in the middle, which blocked the view of the audience. This cameraman, who was the officials of the committee, then followed by some shameless audience who kept standing up to take picture has enraged some audience. One of them was me. And another was the lady who sit in front of me, a foreign guest who in the end asked the committee to tell these people to sit because she could not watch the show. She decided to walk out after awhile because couldn’t bear with the disappointment. What a shame…

I can’t believe they let this happen in an international event. And I can’t believe these puny mistakes still happen after doing the same festival for four consecutive years. The thing is, as a VIP guest, I paid for my seat. I paid to watch the show. I paid to enjoy the performance. And instead I was shown people arses and silhouette of people walking around doing air kisses and goodbyes. Of course I was not happy.

However, apart from the technicality and etiquette problems, I enjoyed the events. I loved the show, and the performers from South Korea has stolen my heart. I believe these guy, Noreum Machi has stolen the hearts of the whole audience when they shouted “Terima Kasih” over and over again during the thunderous applause.

Of course the other performances were as great, and my other favourite was the introduction of the SIPA 2013 mascot, who is apparently Miss Surakarta, which apparently was a runner up of Miss Indonesia 2012. How should I know that. What captivated me was the dancers who were so coordinated and were dressed in a beautiful traditional Javanese clothings. That was also awesome.

I wish the committee would learn from this experiences for a better event next year, and the mistakes not to be done again. I am still willing to watch SIPA next year apart from the disappointment I had this year. There should be more of this kind of festivals in Indonesia to introduce culture so that Indonesian people could appreciate the performing arts even more.

To close this review, I embedded a youtube video I found. This is the Noreum Machi. Enjoy…

Positive Thinking Sucks!


Yesterday I found a revelation from my twitter timeline, from @bellamy.

What does it mean?

I admit I did not follow the whole conversation which led to this conclusion, but this tweet alone has amused, tickled me and in the end inspired me to write something. Why do I like this so much?

First of all, “think positive” has been heavily abused by lazy people. Some people — who are too lazy to analyse the news on telly, too lazy to know what’s going on with the economy, too lazy to understand what happens in the society — has been abused the positive thinking to avoid their responsibility to reasons.

When the “Dana BLSM” regulation was discussed they would say, “think positive, this is for the poor”, without analysing the long term effect for the whole economy. When the NGO organised the strike for the labour to ask for the pay rise they would say, “think possitive, this is the effect of the petrol price” without understanding its impact to the factories and investors. When the mass organisations were demonstrating against the Miss World events, and the government let them they would say, “think positive, it means we are still in a democratic country” without even think of how the rest of the world would see this country.

Think positive does help some people from being over stressing something, but it wouldn’t help improving the situation. It wouldn’t help people find solution to a problem, nor to an alternative that can be done. It makes people permissive to mistakes because they secretly believes that if they hope things would be okay then it will.

Second of all, it makes people stop thinking, so they would miss when something was off.

It reminds me to the asian drama my family watch almost everyday (no, not even indonesian sinetron). Basically one day, a club owner fired his manager, a sly and sharp tongued woman who had been seducing him to be able to be a part of his wealthy family. After few years, they met again and she was being very nice to his family saying that she was sorry for the past and believed that she was not supposed to misused his trust at that time. The son in law sensed that something was off — thinking that it could never happen, but his two daughters being positive thinkers believed that she has really changed into a nice lady.

Of course he was right. But even in reality, being careful and suspicious sometimes led people under scrutiny because “not appreciating good deed”. But I cannot see anything wrong with not trusting people.

Third of all…

Well, my third reason was purely personal. Let me keep this for myself for now but…

I think I could agree that the world must be a happy place with positive thinkers, but I imagine it must be a very backward place too…

Just In Case You Don’t Love Me


Few days ago I have heard a question asked, “Would you change your religion to marry someone?”

Honestly, I did not care about the answer, because what disturbed me at the beginning was how this question has been asked in an international event. This is not only a very discriminating question, but also very unfair. Why?

First of all, what if the person asked was irreligious? What if she was an atheist or agnostic, or pantheist, or deist. Or taoist. Or scientologist. What if she chose not to choose any religion? I think in any free country, this is very much acceptable. Would this mean my country is not a free country? Of course it is not. So, asking would you change religion to get married is definitely a discriminating question.

Second of all, even if she is religious, why do you have to change to any religion to get married? In a free country, you can get married with people who has different religion. And the fact that in indonesia you cannot marry someone who practise different religion backed up my previous comment that this is not a free country. So would this be a fair question? It is not.

And apart from the politically incorrect question, I must say that this is one of the most disturbing answer I have ever heard.

I agreed when she said she would not change her religion. Good for her. And I don’t care about her reason, because people has their own excuse reason for practising religion. But then she closed her answer with “and if that person loves me, they should love my god too”, or something like that. I could not really decipher that, because I am not sure if she means she would ask him to let her practise her own religion or ask him to convert to her religion.

I assumed it was the latter, although I really hoped she meant the former.

And I have a huge problem with the “if they love me then they should bla bla bla”.

That is not only unfair but it is a well covered threat to someone, using their own feeling towards you. It is not only unfair but also mean, sly, cruel, and inhumane. Maybe you have never been in the position where you were “forced” to do something just to “prove” that you love someone. Maybe you did not realise it because it probably was not as big as “religion”.

But what if you heard this:

“If you love me, you should get a breast implant”. “If you love me, you should have sex with me”. “If you love me, you should buy me that car”. “If you love me, you should stop going out with your friends”. “If you love me, you should stay (although it means you would skip a very important class)”. “If you love me, you should pick me up from the club tonight (although you would have to go to work early in the morning to present a very important project)”.

Sometimes, just because it is framed in a beautiful pageant and said by a beautiful person, we forgot how bitchy it could be if our friend was the victim of this “if you love me then you should…” scheme. We forgot that “if she loves him too, then she would never say that in the first place”.

I know that in an event like that, the huge pressure and the lack of time to think about the effect of the answer is not enough for someone to think of this. Maybe it sounds good enough at that time, and probably when she said that it gave her a dramatic closure that made her sound like a strong, fun fearless, and girl that is not afraid to say what she wants. But I am sorry to say that when I read what she said, it is just sad.


if she loves me she should bought me all those sweets!! mum hates me!!!

A Little Bit Of Change


My grandmother is one of the most knowledgeable person I have ever known. Not only that, she is also very modern for a person of her age (nearly 85). How could I say that?

When she was studying she was a journalist. When she graduated, she became a teacher. After she married she owned a factory. When her husband, my late grandfather was ill, she devoted herself to be a housewife, earn pin money from helping my mother in her business, and took care of the household while my parents were too busy to be at home. When she finished grieving after my grandfather died exactly 18 years ago today, she decided to be a business woman in her home town in Tasikmalaya. Three days ago she came back to Solo on a train by herself, and has booked the flight to Jakarta in the 14th to attend her great grandchild’s birthday party.

She understood the concept of homosexuality, without having to condemn and telling people what’s right and wrong. She was the only one who pushed the idea about my study to England to my parents when nobody else could. Unlike many other grandparents, my grandmother had no problems understanding my choices; be it my partnership with si Onyed, my relationship with mr. Fix-it, my major in the university, my bright hair colour, even my decision to quit religion.

I have never seen anybody in her age who’s so open to changes like she is. She is of course getting slower in movement, but most of the time it’s just her being careful because many of her friends fell down for forgetting their own capabilities. However, for most of the things she is THAT cool.

Most of the time.

There is one thing she could never ever ever ever ever be able to understand.

When everybody decided to change their diet, my grandmother was not happy. She could never understand why nowadays her grand daughters refused rice on their plate. She could not understand why suddenly my brother wanted to change the tasty fragrant rice to disgusting brown rice. She could not understand why nobody wanted a delicious banana fritters for late evening snack anymore, nor why suddenly she has to shed the most delicious part of the pork belly away.

She was furious the first time we decided to eat only half portion we usually had. In her mind it is the sign of ungratefulness to the prosperity the God has given to everybody in the family. She couldn’t get the idea of leaving leftovers in the table while you still have space in your tum to put the last scoop of roasted pork in. She could not understand why everything should be less salty, less fatty and basically less tasty.

Today when the members of our extended family started to coming over from every corner of the island to our house, one of my uncles asked her why she is now eating brown rice. She snorted disgustedly and said that we don’t have a proper white rice because apparently everybody wants to be “healthy”, emphasising the word as if being healthy is the most disgusting thing in the world.

I almost laughed when I heard that. My grand mother who understood completely that culture has changed, that the digital world is changing the universe, and that people are no longer the same could not understand that the concept of being prosperous doesn’t mean that people has to look like an elephant. That big belly is no longer a sign of a happy lifestyle. That being healthy is not measured by the quantity of food you take in.

But of course I couldn’t complain. It just showed how humane and unique she is. It’s just a bit of change she couldn’t cope with. Bless her soul because I am back on diet. :p

Updating The Blog Again


So… I haven’t been posting for sometimes now. I am not making excuses but I admit that I have lost a little bit of my muse about a week before I left Norwich. Of course I was feeling sad, and with PMS it was so much worse than it should be. But, anyway… I am trying to cope now.

I guess being around my sister makes me feel so much better. Mind you, my sister Mon was in Jakarta for awhile to help my relatives on their office renovation. She is a good interior designer, however she hasn’t got the chance to prove it to many people. She has done some cafe interior, shops and also offices in Jakarta when she was working in a company but too bad she wasn’t really appreciated there. I am glad she is around now, and I think my aunty has to pay her a lot of money to make her fly all the way to jakarta to see the renovation progress.

I have been ill as well. I am pretty sure it was because of the Jakarta’s air which makes my immune system dropped to the lowest level. However, in Jakarta I have managed to meet some of my friends which is good enough. But since I was in Jakarta I got flu and haven’t recover even until now. Bastard!

So I finally went to the doctor last night after my mother decided that three fucken week with cold is not a really good sign. The doctor decided that I had severe allergy which inflamed everything, and swollen my nasal tube. So, he gave me the flu meds not because i have flu, but to cover the swollen and the inflammation, and the antihistamine which makes me feel drowsy almost all the time. No wonder my mood was low.

And back on PMS did not help at all. Okay, I think it is a bit early for PMS, but I have seen the symptoms already. So better not being in denial, and get my things ready. At least now I have lots of tampons on my drawers, so I should be a little bit more comfortable during the period. Oh yes, I deliberately brought two boxes of tampons from the UK just in case I need to be a bit more active during the day.

My sister and I has been yoga class hunting too. I did not know that in a little town like Solo there are a lot of yoga classes. Especially because most bigots who believed that whatever they see on youtube, or read on the internet, or hear from their priests or clerics are true, consider yoga as a form of activity related to a religious affiliation. And apparently the price of the classes are surprisingly expensive looking at the places where this exercise is held.

We’ve been in at least three different sport centre that offered yoga classes today, and haven’t found one which suitable to our time and our likings. But tomorrow we could go to the other two or three sport centres hoping that we could find a place to do yoga without too much discomfort.

The reason why we suddenly want to do yoga and diet was quite obvious. I am going to get married and everyone want to look at leas 3 inches smaller in the family picture. So there. Sue us!

Mr. Fix-It and I are doing well as well. We talk everyday, and we have skype call once in a while or just LINE phone call if the connection wasn’t really good. Both of us are busy preparing the documents we would need for me to get the fiancee visa. Oh that’s another thing to get done soon, because it started to get on my nerves. It is very frustrating for me because basically I cannot do any wedding planning before the visa is granted. The wedding which we originally planned to be done in the end of this year has to be postponed to be done in the late february or early march next year. And could be even longer 😦

I wonder if anyone knows anyone who has been there before, or anyone who knows anyone who could help with this. Because, even if I know I could just go to the visa office in Jakarta and do this myself, it is nice to have someone with a bit of experience to help. I have gone to the local travel agent but apparently they couldn’t do anything to help because they have never done fiancee visa before. What a bunch of amateur….

Well… Hopefully I could update the blog with something a bit more cheerful soon. Hopefully it would be the granting of my visa, or whether mon has decided what she’s going to do next, or dad wins a lottery, or mum suddenly decided that being the leader of the congregation is a silly extra work which gives her nothing but migraine. Or my brother decided to get married and his girlfriend wanted to have kids soon after they married and lots of them so that my mum wouldn’t say anything about having a half blood muggle grandkid from me.

Anyway. Enough for today.