Updating The Blog Again


So… I haven’t been posting for sometimes now. I am not making excuses but I admit that I have lost a little bit of my muse about a week before I left Norwich. Of course I was feeling sad, and with PMS it was so much worse than it should be. But, anyway… I am trying to cope now.

I guess being around my sister makes me feel so much better. Mind you, my sister Mon was in Jakarta for awhile to help my relatives on their office renovation. She is a good interior designer, however she hasn’t got the chance to prove it to many people. She has done some cafe interior, shops and also offices in Jakarta when she was working in a company but too bad she wasn’t really appreciated there. I am glad she is around now, and I think my aunty has to pay her a lot of money to make her fly all the way to jakarta to see the renovation progress.

I have been ill as well. I am pretty sure it was because of the Jakarta’s air which makes my immune system dropped to the lowest level. However, in Jakarta I have managed to meet some of my friends which is good enough. But since I was in Jakarta I got flu and haven’t recover even until now. Bastard!

So I finally went to the doctor last night after my mother decided that three fucken week with cold is not a really good sign. The doctor decided that I had severe allergy which inflamed everything, and swollen my nasal tube. So, he gave me the flu meds not because i have flu, but to cover the swollen and the inflammation, and the antihistamine which makes me feel drowsy almost all the time. No wonder my mood was low.

And back on PMS did not help at all. Okay, I think it is a bit early for PMS, but I have seen the symptoms already. So better not being in denial, and get my things ready. At least now I have lots of tampons on my drawers, so I should be a little bit more comfortable during the period. Oh yes, I deliberately brought two boxes of tampons from the UK just in case I need to be a bit more active during the day.

My sister and I has been yoga class hunting too. I did not know that in a little town like Solo there are a lot of yoga classes. Especially because most bigots who believed that whatever they see on youtube, or read on the internet, or hear from their priests or clerics are true, consider yoga as a form of activity related to a religious affiliation. And apparently the price of the classes are surprisingly expensive looking at the places where this exercise is held.

We’ve been in at least three different sport centre that offered yoga classes today, and haven’t found one which suitable to our time and our likings. But tomorrow we could go to the other two or three sport centres hoping that we could find a place to do yoga without too much discomfort.

The reason why we suddenly want to do yoga and diet was quite obvious. I am going to get married and everyone want to look at leas 3 inches smaller in the family picture. So there. Sue us!

Mr. Fix-It and I are doing well as well. We talk everyday, and we have skype call once in a while or just LINE phone call if the connection wasn’t really good. Both of us are busy preparing the documents we would need for me to get the fiancee visa. Oh that’s another thing to get done soon, because it started to get on my nerves. It is very frustrating for me because basically I cannot do any wedding planning before the visa is granted. The wedding which we originally planned to be done in the end of this year has to be postponed to be done in the late february or early march next year. And could be even longer 😦

I wonder if anyone knows anyone who has been there before, or anyone who knows anyone who could help with this. Because, even if I know I could just go to the visa office in Jakarta and do this myself, it is nice to have someone with a bit of experience to help. I have gone to the local travel agent but apparently they couldn’t do anything to help because they have never done fiancee visa before. What a bunch of amateur….

Well… Hopefully I could update the blog with something a bit more cheerful soon. Hopefully it would be the granting of my visa, or whether mon has decided what she’s going to do next, or dad wins a lottery, or mum suddenly decided that being the leader of the congregation is a silly extra work which gives her nothing but migraine. Or my brother decided to get married and his girlfriend wanted to have kids soon after they married and lots of them so that my mum wouldn’t say anything about having a half blood muggle grandkid from me.

Anyway. Enough for today.



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  1. Byqq get well soon dear 🙂 hey ur sis Mon is the one i met last time is it? Want me to introduce her to my friends?? Got few friends that working in the same line with ur sis 🙂 or maybe i can intro her to few friends of mine who’s looking for interior design so she can slowly start her own company just like my other interior design friends 🙂


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