Positive Thinking Sucks!


Yesterday I found a revelation from my twitter timeline, from @bellamy.

What does it mean?

I admit I did not follow the whole conversation which led to this conclusion, but this tweet alone has amused, tickled me and in the end inspired me to write something. Why do I like this so much?

First of all, “think positive” has been heavily abused by lazy people. Some people — who are too lazy to analyse the news on telly, too lazy to know what’s going on with the economy, too lazy to understand what happens in the society — has been abused the positive thinking to avoid their responsibility to reasons.

When the “Dana BLSM” regulation was discussed they would say, “think positive, this is for the poor”, without analysing the long term effect for the whole economy. When the NGO organised the strike for the labour to ask for the pay rise they would say, “think possitive, this is the effect of the petrol price” without understanding its impact to the factories and investors. When the mass organisations were demonstrating against the Miss World events, and the government let them they would say, “think positive, it means we are still in a democratic country” without even think of how the rest of the world would see this country.

Think positive does help some people from being over stressing something, but it wouldn’t help improving the situation. It wouldn’t help people find solution to a problem, nor to an alternative that can be done. It makes people permissive to mistakes because they secretly believes that if they hope things would be okay then it will.

Second of all, it makes people stop thinking, so they would miss when something was off.

It reminds me to the asian drama my family watch almost everyday (no, not even indonesian sinetron). Basically one day, a club owner fired his manager, a sly and sharp tongued woman who had been seducing him to be able to be a part of his wealthy family. After few years, they met again and she was being very nice to his family saying that she was sorry for the past and believed that she was not supposed to misused his trust at that time. The son in law sensed that something was off — thinking that it could never happen, but his two daughters being positive thinkers believed that she has really changed into a nice lady.

Of course he was right. But even in reality, being careful and suspicious sometimes led people under scrutiny because “not appreciating good deed”. But I cannot see anything wrong with not trusting people.

Third of all…

Well, my third reason was purely personal. Let me keep this for myself for now but…

I think I could agree that the world must be a happy place with positive thinkers, but I imagine it must be a very backward place too…


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