SocMed Missionary


If I should describe my feelings about these social media missionaries, it would be:


But, who are they? What is this social media missionary?

When I was still using Blackberry Messenger, they are those who updated their status with a line or two from their holy book, or a motivational sentences from whoever telling that God this and God that. They are those who updated their profile pictures with photos of beardy guys smiling or a writings in the sky with the light coming from the gap of the cloud. And they call it heaven. And they are those who broadcasted stupid things at least once a week, usually on Sundays. What I have done to them? Ignored the updates, and deleted the broadcaster (they never learned).

And they are on Facebook too. They also updated their status, but longer because they have space to do it. They also posted pictures, and worse, they can do it several times a day. They also post links of prayers, and articles of bullshits. Good job they don’t have the broadcast message features, I would die. What I have done to them? Put them in one group and ask facebook not to send me any feed updates from these people.

So they learn twitter… It is easy. I don’t have to follow them because the best thing about twitter is you don’t have to follow whoever you don’t want to follow, although it is your friend. Or, you can just follow them if they are your mum or dad, or your grandma and you don’t want to hurt their feelings, and mute their account so you don’t have to see their tweets.

But there come Path.

As I have said many times before, but not in this blog, so you probably haven’t seen it, Path is a facebook for the hispters. It’s for those who said facebook sucks and cluttered but treated path just like facebook, even worse. They said that Path is facebook, instagram, foursquare, and twitter combined in one. But they don’t realise that in instagram and twitter you don’t have to follow each other.

You don’t have to see bullshits you don’t want to see.

With Path, you have to deal with it. Everyday.

You can’t mute them. You can’t block them. You can’t ask Path to hide their updates. And what make it worse is that if these people is one of the 150 closest people in your life. You can’t ignore it because it is on your phone, and it flashes every time they say something about their religion.

You know, there are people you love, but you love them when they shut the fuck up about their religion. It is like penis, you know, it is okay to have them, but stop shoving it in front other people. Especially if they have their own.

Maybe they don’t realise that what they are doing is not different from the emo teens who has to update their timeline with sad depressed stuffs. Which is good for them. Which is probably their lifestyle. Which is probably what they believe. But it is disturbing for other peope who don’t give a damn. It makes people uncomfortable, and hate your beliefs because they can’t hate you.

If you want to make people like your religion, be a good representative. Don’t be a dick.



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