I am glad that I am living in the era of technology, where information can be easily spread and accessed, and internet is no longer a luxury. I am happy that now, more and more people are literate. I am happy that the world is evolving to the better.

When I was very young, you don’t just talk to people online. You would hide your identity because you understand that there was danger lurking in every corner of the virtual world. You would never say your real name, or where you really lived. You would never tell people your real age was, or where you went to school. But now, you gathered in a place with your real name, with a bunch of stranger and just throw comments and criticism about a sensitive subjects. People call it freedom of speech, the gift of the digital era.

I encouraged this kind of discussion. I don’t mind at all. I do believe in that, and that’s why I have this blog in the first place.

I just realised lately, that whenever the discussions was heated up, and the arguments went a little bit too far… one of the most common accusation which was brought up was, “RACIST!!”

What is racism really?

I have posted in my blog before that anybody could be a racist. But going around pointing fingers to people saying that they are racist without an apparent reason? Think again.

According to wikipedia (because I am too lazy to find another source):

Racism, also sometimes called racialism, is generally defined as actions, practices, or beliefs that reflect a worldview according to which members of a race share a set of characteristic traits, abilities, or qualities, such as personality, intellect, morality, or other cultural behavioral characteristics and which means that races can be ranked as inherently superior or inferior to others

Without trying to be pedantic about it, I asked you to think again.

If someone attacked you or your idea and made a hate comment by attacking your race, than they were being racist.

But if someone made a nasty comment about your religion or treated you differently because of your beliefs then, they are not a racist. They were discriminating, or blasphemers if you are religious.

If anybody attacked you because of you are a woman, or if they made a disgusting and degrading comment about any woman, they are not being racist too. They were being a dickhead misogynistic bastard.

And if anybody attacked your because of your sexual orientation or treated you badly just because you think you are trapped inside a wrong body, they are not being racist too. They were being a moroning fucktard who needs a kick in their head to make them think straight doing a hate act and speech and in a more civilised country these can be brought to the court and they could be imprisoned for that.

I know that it is a simple think compared to the real issues. I understand that for some people it doesn’t really matter if they have been using the correct terminology or not, as long as their counterpart understand what they were trying to say. But this simple thing is not so simple when it is exposed in public, isn’t it?

We laughed at V*cky — that guy who got engaged to a Dangdut singer, because he had been using “weird” phrases during his interview with the media. We mocked him mercilessly because of his speech during his campaign in KarangAsih. But I think we did that because we believe we know better than him. Because we think we speak better Bahasa Indonesia and English compared to him.

Maybe, when we overly misused the word “racist”, those people who actually understood what that word means were laughing at us the way we laughed at V*cky?

Maybe it started from something simple to reach a perfection. Maybe it started from a lot of practices. And actually that is why I started to write in English in this blog, to practice and practice and expand my vocabulary and improve my writing, and learn.

I am so sorry that today’s entry is not really reflecting the title, but I hope you’ve got my point…


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