OCD: Deddy Corbuzier’s Diet


It is trending now.

Well… I am not that into a diet related trend. When my mother went for that food combining diet, I did not care. When my sister decided that the best was Atkins diet, I did not care. And then not so long time ago, my father came to us and said that he wanted to try the Dedy Corbuzier’s Diet.

OCD, Obsessive Corbuzier’s Diet — is a kind of diet that is re-introduced by Deddy Corbuzier. If you don’t know him, you are most probably not an Indonesian, or haven’t been living in Indonesia for more than two decades. Deddy Corbuzier was popular as a mentalist magician. I vaguely remember that he could be the first mentalist went on television in Indonesia. He was THAT popular.

But I think after a while, his popularity as a magician dropped as magic is no longer a hype in Indonesia he started to host a show called Hitam Putih. I knew this after I came back from the UK, and watched the show and realised something has changed in him. I did not realise anything at the beginning but started to point out several changes. He went bald and he looked thin.

About several weeks ago, the diet became the talk. Everbody said they are going to try that. Some even claimed that it worked for them. So my father thought it must be a good idea to follow the program.

I have nothing against this kind of diet. Different kind of diet works for different people and maybe this would work for my father too. But my father only knew a bit about this diet and doesn’t understand the rest, and I think if it is done wrong, this diet could be very dangerous.

Basically the OCD principal is that you have to fast and can only eat on the allowed hours. You could choose between 8, 6 or 4 hours when you can eat whatever you want. You can eat anything even for the stuff that your nutritionist and doctor said to be avoided because it could be dangerous to your system. OCD says, it is fine.

Maybe it’s true.

However there is something that my father doesn’t understand. The diet says that during the eating hours, you could eat anything — but my father never mentioned that you could eat anything between your calories allowance. I assumed he did not know about his own calories allowance. But, lets say he knows perfectly about his calories allowance, does he know how many calories has he taken in a day?

I don’t believe so.

Who would think that a piece of fried chicken from a restaurant contains the same calories with a cup of fried rice? Who would think that a 30g bag of crisps contains the same calories with a cup of chicken noodle? Nobody, until we carefully read the nutrition facts label behind the packages, or do some research about the food we eat.

Neither does my father.

He thought he’s been doing well, by eating only on the allowed hours, and did some cardio to help him burn some more calories. He probably never realised that he’s been eating more by snacking. Oh that dangerous bugger, snacks is. You wouldn’t realise how many calories you take in by munching two slices of banana fritters, or biscuits, or a scoop of ice cream, or your favourite frappucino. Oh no you wouldn’t.

So, please…

I have nothing against this diet. Even I have to admit I am a bit curious and would probably try to do this too. But I think before we start with this diet, we have to understand at least the basic knowledge of calories and nutritions. I know you don’t have to suffer and eating only brown rice and steamed chicken breast, but knowing what you eat could at least save your from overeating.


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  1. Hi Byq,

    Been following your blog quite some time but never comment, until now. Anyway, I found this post interesting. I’ve never heard of this kind of diet until I read this. Atkins, I sure did hear about it, not that I’ve tried any kind of diet. But this OCD thing? Nope. What I have in mind is that don’t you have to be a nutrisitionist or some kind of expert in food or nutrition, or whatever, to make a diet thingy? And people are just following Deddy’s way? I mean his a mentalist, what does he know about food nutrition? And they even name the diet thing over his name! Is it just because he’s famous or something? Lol. Anyway, doesn’t mean I’m underestimating him or anything. It’s just a sudden thought that popped up that it could be dangerous for people to just follow a diet without knowing all the right information. So, sorry about the long rant.



    • Hi, Rae… Thank you for replying. I think you have missed this ho-haa about OCD because you are now studying in australia. Yes i have been leeching your blog too 😀

      Actually that was exactly my reason the first time i heard about it. I sensed danger in this diet method. However i have seen people losing weight and claimed that they lived happier and healthier. I think half of it is also the psychological effects of not worrying about stuffs.

      Deddy corbuzier, however claimed that he is only reintroducing this method, since this has been used by Shaolin monk… He said. I haven’t done thorough research to back up or contradict his theory.

      But, thanks for not making me the only one who questioned this method. And thanks for coming 🙂



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