OS Review: iOS7


I was supposed to do this last week, when I updated my OS. However, since I wanted to be consistent with my Saturday reviews, I decided to post the review today. While giving it a week of trial.

It took ages to download the iOS7. However this might be because of the wifi connection where I live sucks and I wouldn’t use that as a reason to hate the OS. Because apparently I love the changes although I haven’t get around yet. But it takes time to get everything at hands, especially with the big hoo-hah about the blackberry messenger for iOS release. So, what’s new?

The swipey slidey unlocky thingy has changed, simplified and looked more modern. What do I know about modern look? The phone keypad are now circles, instead of squares. New apps icon for pictures folder, and a whole new camera apps. New settings layout. And now you have a control centre which allows you to turn on and off your flightmode, wifi, bluetooth, do not disturb, and rotate screen lock – without having to go to the setting. You can also access timer, brightness control, volume control, calculator and camera with one swipe and tap.

I am pretty sure that the calculator is fairly new because in the old iOS you would have to download it from apps store. And now you also have a torch in one tap – in the old iOS you would have to open your camera and turn the flash on to do this.

Notes apps is also new. This doesn’t make me so happy because now I cannot control the font 😦

Yes, iOS7 allows us to change the font size for other apps which is useful for older people and those who doesn’t have 20/20 eye sight. It could help me too reading stuffs in the middle of the night while not wearing my spectacles. But no more marker felt or noteworthy font? I am disappointed!

I don’t know about others, but it slows my LINE POP! I was in the mission to get myself on the league last week and it did not happen, because it slowed down.

But my favourite part and actually the most important part of the changing is the new qwerty pad! It is new, it is shiny, and looks a lot bigger than before. It makes me want to use iMessage instead of whatsapp or the new BBM for iOS (which I did not have at that moment). It made me tweet in the morning.

Do I like the new iOS7? I cannot really tell… the font thingy is such a let down, and I am not even sure that the new keypad could neutralise the disappointment. However, the other things are awesome too, I decided that this could be a great new OS. I like the improvement. I like the new spirit. I like the jealousy of those who are still stuck with their droids or blackberry.

I am feeling fangirly now, it is a sign I should stop reviewing.

Have fun with your new iOS 🙂 Cheers…


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