License To Bitch


Twitter is the best media for anyone to rant. I like twitter. Sometimes I went there just to suck all the negativity and turn it into an inspirational blog entry. How cool is that?

I was exaggerating, just in case you couldn’t tell.

Anyway, not so long time ago, I saw a twit from a friend, who ranted about an ugly girl who was being arrogant, or conceited. Well, this girl used different term. She said “stuck up”, so I had to google to find out the meaning of this colloquial word. Basically, she said that in a pretty girl, arrogance is a common trait, but she said she couldn’t understand how an ugly girl did it with the same kind of attitude.

My first thought and was almost my first reaction was to hit the “retweet” button. However, now I am glad that I did not do that. I stopped before I actually posted that.


Is it true that being overly conceited and arrogant is a common trait in pretty girls? Does it mean that if someone was pretty then it would be more acceptable for her to be a bitch? Does it mean that it is okay for a pretty girl to treat someone badly because she is pretty? If the answer is no, then why we reacted worse when an ugly girl was being nasty to us?

Some people came up with the idea that somehow people would forgive nastiness as long as there is something else that compromise it. For example pretty faces. However, the ugly people has to balance it out with good attitude to make them more agreeable.

However, for me, bitchiness is all about power play.

When I was studying I was told that there are several things that is considered as the source of power. Some people said that knowledge is power, some other believes that money is power. Queen Cersei said, power is power (which she referred to political power). Superheroes might think that strength is power. But maybe, this friend of mine, subconsciously think that beauty equals power.

With power, you could do things that most people couldn’t do. For the beautiful women, they would have the power over men (or women), to make them do things for them, more than the ugly women could. For the rich people, they would have the power to buy stuffs, and sometimes to buy people — more than those who are poor. The strong people have the power to do lots of things that the weak couldn’t.

However, sometimes the acknowledgement about the power did not come with the of an understanding of responsibility. Sometimes, some people who suddenly was gifted with power couldn’t handle the responsibility which come with it. You could see from those who just became rich, whom Indonesian people refers as “orang kaya baru” or newly rich guy. They would boast, buy stupid stuffs, because they just want to show people their wealth, just in case nobody noticed. You could also see those commoners who has just got appointed as public service officers. I could guarantee, at least 70% of them would abuse their position.

I call this a license to bitch.

It is the attitude of most of us, who is more permissive to people with power to do nasty things around us. Almost no police officer would stop and fine the high class politicians or a parliament member’s car which was in the bus lane. Boys treats the pretty girls better in school, and vice versa. Talent came second at any talent show because sometimes networking and look gave these people better votes.

We let these happen.


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  1. I do not even understand how I finished up here, but I assumed this put up was once great. I do not know who you’re but definitely you’re going to a famous blogger for those who aren’t already. Cheers!


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