Child Abuse


When you heard about child abuse on a show on telly, or in the internet it made you cringe. But then you might want to know the rest of the story. Your curiosity beats the fear of listening anything so disturbing that it could make you stay up all night thinking how horrible the world we are living in right now. But, when it happens to someone you know, it makes a whole different story.

When it happens to people around you, the curiosity has gone. The fear of listening to anything disturbing has gone either. What’s left is anger. Anger of knowing that it happened under our nose, anger of knowing that nobody did anything to prevent, and nobody does anything to make amend.

Few days ago, my mum told me that one of our ex-employees came to her with this horrible story. Her daughter has got raped by her ex-husband (the girl’s own father). Nobody knew, or suspected that could happen, until the 6 years old girl said that she felt pain. When she was brought to the doctor, her vaginal opening was bruised and the doctor also found scabs and manges around it. I think that is the most moderated details I could give without putting off everybody from reading the rest of this entry.

After leaving my mother’s factory, her mother worked into another factory which disallow kids to come around. Therefore that little girl always came back to her father’s house after school, and so far the police suspected that it was then when the father attacked his own daughter.

My mother asked her neighbour, who is still working at our factory, why nobody took that kid away now. But the answer was nowhere near satisfying.

I was expecting that this would make it to the local newspaper, but apparently a story about nobody being attacked by nobody isn’t interesting enough to make a headline. Is it acceptable for a father to sexually abuse a little girl in this country? Under what kind of law this is permitted? Because, I am pretty sure in different country, this would make it to the national newspaper and would enraged everybody, not only the child protection organisation only.

I don’t know what sadden me more.

Is it the social system which makes this is not seen as a serious case? Probably the family who consider this as a taboo, so try as hard as they could not to make this public/ Probably the mother’s worry that her daughter wouldn’t be able to find a suitor in the future if their neighbour has already know that the little girl is no longer a virgin. Probably the collectivistic society which hates the disruption of their neighbourhood.

Is it the fact that there is nothing I can do about it? I don’t know the person personally, and my mum said that no matter what it is still their family business. I understand completely that I don’t have any responsibility in this, and in the same time I don’t have any rights to meddle in their family situation. The fact that the mother never came to ask for help, and the fact that she is trying to hide the case from everybody to save the last bit of her family’s dignity… there’s not much anyone could do to help in this kind of situation.

Is it the law enforcement in the country? Is it the class system which isn’t really helpful for poor people like them? Is it the education? Is it the child protection law which is not yet fully established? Is it the backwardness of these people?

Or is it the humanity?

I know that today’s post is pretty disturbing, but I need to get it out of my head before it blows up. Sorry that this is now disturbing you too,

Cheers ~


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