Blogger Against UU ITE



Maybe the topic is too heavy for a personal blog like mine. Given the fact that my blog is not that popular and the scope of the readers is considerably small, talking about serious matter like this one might not make any difference for the cause. However, I still think that I might have to take participation and write something about this. Not only because this is important but also because this is relevant, considering I like to rant a lot in here.

First of all, what is UU ITE? I think i have written about this somewhere in this blog, but unfortunately I couldn’t find the link when I am posting with my phone. Why posting with phone? Because I can, fgs, is that your main concern now? Geez.


UU ITE is basically a bastard law which regulate ranting in the net, and you could get charged for gossiping or talking about a politician, or another celebrity. In the older days we call it censorship. However, because nowadays we are so paranoid of anything that came pre 1998, we are no longer talking censorship. We are talking UU ITE.

UU ITE has taken away my and many other internet users to access adult entertainment in the world wide web. I am not only talking about pornsite, you perverted dumbass, i am talking about adult discussions forum, gambling site and another website that used to be accessible in Indonesia. Nobody says censorship, but it feels like it for me. It assumed that Indonesian internet users are a bunch of morons who cannot decide what is good for themselves.

This law has also been used to put some people in prison. One of the biggest case is Prita Mulyasari, a woman whose personal email about her being upset about a medical treatment in a hospital was leaked and end up with the hospital suing her for libel. What scares us the most is the fact that a personal email or a messenger status could be used as an evidence to imprison you if you rant about something or a person.

Of course not much I can do about this. Mr. Fix-It has told me to keep my blog moderated until I leave Indonesia for good. Good advice really…

But it works only for me, and for people who are able to do this. For other people who stuck in this country would have to deal with this stupidity. I would feel terrible for them. And that’s why i posted this. Although i know i couldn’t contribute much in this fight against tyranny, i know i have done at least something to spread the knowledge to more people.

I just hope all Indonesian Blogger would unite against this internet law.


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  1. Hi Byq,

    Is this also something new that I missed? Lol. Anyway, I know about the adult websites blockin but, seriously, being charged for ranting on the internet? Really? Don’t these people have something else more important than creating a riddiculuous regulation? First phonography law and now this? I mean, where else do people talk about politicians but on the internet?

    Okay, I need to stop, otherwise I could get prisoned for this. Hehe.



    • Hi Rae,

      Yes, you probably have missed this one too. If you really curious and concern about this matter and want to know more, you would want to browse @benhan or benny handoko. He has just got sentenced because of his tweet. I know exactly how you feel, and I do worry about this too.

      Cheers ~


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