Book Review: Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend


Title: Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend
Author: Matthew Green
Language: English

This is one hell of a book.

I believe that’s how I would describe this book in a sentence. I might try to elaborate that in a minute (without spoiling anything), but I am so sorry if this review might not do the book justice.

The title is quite self-explanatory. The main character is an imaginary friend called Budo and his relationship with the boy who created it. I love the way Green has described the world of imaginary friends, which might never be thought by a lot of people.

The storyline is quite simple really, but the dynamics of the relationships between the characters made it not as simple as it should be. I love the twist and surprises which makes the story which could have been plain, a very suspenseful one. It has made the story of a family drama into an interesting and adventurous story which made you couldn’t put the book down even for a minute.

As I said the storyline is not complicated. You might have guessed what’s going to happen next. But when I read it, I had this tiny voice in my head saying that I don’t want it to end that way. However, when it ends the way it does, I just couldn’t help feeling relieved. This book with its straightforward storyline has made me feel complicated. I felt sorry to the characters, and happy for them, and sad for them and angry to them at the same time.

There is a part that feels a bit draggy for me. I don’t know what could happen if that part was shortened but it passed quite quickly. I guess it is also because of the author’s writing style.

The book is not that thick if you have read similar books, especially because of the lightness of the language which makes you read a bit faster. But, it is considerably thick for a first time reader. I would definitely suggest it for my friends to read, however I am not sure if the theme suits everybody. If you love romance drama, and don’t like the kind of family drama, you might want to skip it already. However if you like cryptic words with lots of clues you might like this as a light reading to pass the time.

I love this book and would rate it 8 out of 10.


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