How About The Other Blogs?


As you might have noticed, I have added two more links on the sidebar which would direct you to my other two blogs. One might wonder why I have made more and more blogs and haven’t updated them as often as this one. One might questioned my motives, and probably my commitment to this blog. I’ll explain.

If you have got the time and maybe care enough to take a look to those blog and read them, you might realise that those blogs are already segmented. Heavily segmented. I realised that as much as I would like this blog to be more “out there”, the topic in this blog is too cluttered and also too personal. I am not saying that it is a diary, because it is not just a place for me to take a note of where I have been or what I have done. It is also a long journal about my transformation as a human.

However, the other blogs are not personal.

Not THAT personal.

It has the opportunity to go further.

I have got so inspired by Bedjo, my fellow blogger, who has started his own culinary blog while keeping his personal blog. I think that is awesome because not only he could maintain his personal journal to record his life adventure, he’s also making a great project of introducing Indonesian food to the world (in German). You could click Bedjo’s blog’s link on my sidebar, and you’ll get it.

It took me awhile to ask myself, what I like the most. What is my interest. What do I want to write, and what do I care to write about. What is my cause. I started to record my conversation with my friends and family and found a pattern of what kind of conversation enthuse me. There are a lot, so I started with two.

One is the talk about the situation in Indonesia, and the other is about the health and beauty. Of course I am not an expert about it, but I wasn’t an expert about food when I was working for the culinary website few years ago. Sometimes all you need to start something is not expertise but enthusiasm and interests which could push you to go further. I’ll learn by doing and I have started something. And that makes me feel happy.

In the end, I am not trying to promote nor hard sell my blogs. However, if you do have some times and care enough to read, please visit my other blogs and let me know what you think about it. I could do with some input to make my new blog better.

Thank you  ^__^


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