Alex Aan For Nobel Peace?


Who Is Alexander Aan?

Alexander Aan is that atheist guy who’s got jailed because he posted comments and pictures on his facebook wall which was considered inciting religious hatred. His facebook comments and pictures has enraged many people. The ex-muslim was charged two and a half years and a fine of a hundred million rupiah for blasphemy and for calling for others to embrace atheism.

I believe you can wiki everything, so I leave you to that.

I am going to get to my point.

The imprisonment of Alexander Aan has enraged many religious freedom activists not only from Indonesia but also from the international world. Not only people talked about this in the internet, but many has also signed the petition, asking for the government to reconsider this decision. The Amnesty International, even, has asked the Indonesian Government to release Alexander Aan, and has considered his imprisonment as a setback of freedom of speech in Indonesia. This is a really bad promotion for Indonesia, I suppose.

Now, Alexander Aan is nominated for the nobel peace, based on Guardian.

I have a mixed feeling about this.

Having an Indonesian in the Nobel Peace nominee list is a really positive thing that could promote Indonesia’s prestige. Having him as the winner could show Indonesian people as well, that embracing the freedom of speech, and letting people to choose to believe whatever they want to believe, is a noble thing to do. Having him as the winner might knock down the religious arrogance of some hardcore believers in Indonesia who don’t understand the idea of “unity in diversity”. It should be a good thing.

However, the nominated guy is in prison.

The guy who is considered worthy a Nobel Peace nomination, is considered a criminal in Indonesia. When he is nominated, the world… the whole world could see how backwards the hardcore religious in Indonesia could be. The world could see how the Indonesian government are afraid of this religious mass organisation who threatened them with road blockade and house burning.

I wonder, who’s the real criminal here?

I know that probably Malala Yousafzai¬†deserves this prize the most, but this guy could change Indonesia. I have a personal reason to support him to win this, and mum would hate me for this. Please click this link, and scroll down to choose Alexander Aan to win this Nobel Peace Prize. Don’t let my Mum unhappy for nothing. Thank you.



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