(Probably) The Best Thing of Having A Brother


I have never had a big brother. I used to want them so much, I started to consider few of my male friends big brothers. However when I was getting older, I learned that doing that would not only invite further danger and some unexpected reactions from some people, but also could be a little bit complicated after some times. Until now, there is only one person I could ever consider as a big brother, ever… and I always see him as my Brother Bear.

It’s been a while since the last time I actually talk to him. It could be last year when I chatted to him and gave him my best wishes for his wedding, which I could not attend because I had some problems with my dissertation.

Having sisters are awesome, especially with sisters like mine. However there are some topics you could only talk to a brother. Or at least, that’s how I feel about those certain topics.

I had a more complicated relationship with my little brother. The fact that he is eight years younger than I am made it hard for us to build a really close relationship when we were younger. He was pretty much a toddler when I entered my puberty. However, when we were getting older, this dynamic relationship has changed. Especially now when he has graduated from high school and becoming an adult.

Things which were a bit of taboo to talk about when we were younger are now fun and no longer avoided. For example I could casually ask him which porn site that is not blocked, and he could casually tell me the best way to bypass that system, after done laughing at me. Or I could suggest him a pack of condoms and tell him that he’d better prepared than sorry. No one wants to be a parent… prematurely.

I can’t imagine having this kind of conversations with my sister. Not that they are not open with these idea, nor that they are not familiar with these topics either. But, talking about these with my sisters would be a little bit awkward. Really…

Well… maybe my brother feels awkward when I talked about these with him as well, but I don’t really care. This world is revolving around me, isn’t it?


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