Faith in Humanity…


There is a new game I have been playing with Mr. Fix-It to keep our conversation going everyday. It is not easy to find a new topic everyday when you are doing a long distance relationship, so I have to be more creative. I call the game: “The disturbing thing I learned from the news today”.

I think it was quite self explanatory. Basically I would read newspaper, watch television, and listen to the radio to learn (or just listen to the local gossip in the neighbourhood from my mother who always presented stuffs with more excitement than the celebrity newscaster) what could be the most disturbing things that happen to our world today.

Could that be the head judge of the Constitution Court that has got caught red-handed for a corruption allegation? Could that be the 9 years old baby girl who’s died of high fever caused by the infection from the suspected sexual abuse? Could that be the bunch of high school students thought that it is the new trend to throw Hydrochloric Acid to do harm to other people? Could that be the closure of religious places that has been shut down by force by some people from radical religious mass organisation, while the government has done nothing to help or at least mediate?

I don’t know. I couldn’t choose one of those, among many other disturbing news makers in the media these days.

Honestly… I have a lot to say in my mind. The words have been jumbling up in my head, asking to be poured in this entry, but nothing came out when I typed this. I did not know how to even start to comment about this… stuffs.

Sometimes I thought it was the society that is screwed. But even in the best society, there are some turds that messed around. Sometimes I thought it was me who has been over-reacting towards these… things. But then I wondered, why nobody had something to say about this kind of situation? Has other people become apathetic, or has they lost hope to the country? Of the humanity — if it’s drawn to the bigger scope — has no longer exist?

Maybe being human is overrated.

Maybe when we thought that animals are jealous to us because we’re human beings with knowledge and civilisation and those shits, the actually are laughing at us for being the most ignorant turds in the planet.

Saw my puppies today chasing and barking on a pistachio nutshell (wha..?), before my dad gave them the real food for them to nom in bliss. I think I am kind of jealous to them.


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